To Your Eternity Season 2: Release +What to expect?

To Your Eternity Season 2

To your Eternity, Japanese name Fumetsu no Anata e which translates to “To you, the immortal” is an anime based on the manga written by Yoshitoki Oima, known for one of the best Anime movies, Kono Katachi/ A Silent Voice. From the day of its release and with the popularity it pulled people wanted an anime adaptation. Now after the success of season 1, we are here to talk about season 2 of To your Eternity season 2.

23 October 2022 is the release date for To your Eternity season 2. Fans are curious to know what they can expect after the high and low of season 1.

To your Eternity Season 2

Anime is being animated by the studio that also animated very popular anime in the past like Durarara!!, Oregairu, Hotarubi no Mori e, Tonari No kaibustsu kin, and Baccano!! Etc. With so much experience and talent behind the anime, the manga itself always received good critical views. Anime is bound to do good.

With the storyline and art that has multiple awards and sales on its name, the anime was received with excitement and full attention from fans. Season 1’s ending gave us a teasing look at grown-up Fushi now in the 21st century.

Season 1 story

Season 1 of To your Eternity takes us on a journey with our main protagonist who is a nameless orb in the depth of the universe and the protagonist is mentioned as “it”. The orb, our protagonist can transform into whatever it sees first. See it as an orb then rock and then moss on earth.

Down the line, a pet wolf died in front of our main character and it takes on the form of that wolf. It changes on the molecular level and makes changes itself and becomes a wolf and even imitates the wound that the wolf had on its leg. We get to know the owner of the wolf was a boy who lives in North America in some Arctic region.

What makes To your Eternity separate from many anime or movies of the same genre?

The story that the author is trying to convey to us is very well-managed and not at all messy. People who have read the manga or watched the first season will call it a roller coaster ride. Our main character mutates only by copying whatever object it has around its range. The concept itself is nothing new or something unique from what we have seen but the story itself makes it a compelling one and makes it something worth watching.

The unique narrative of To your Eternity takes us to our main character who is trying to adapt to consciousness. “It” has the ability to take form into, what nature had to evolve over billions of years. The story of someone watching the evolution so closely captures your attention and makes you think about the possibilities.

Elements of the story that captures your heart:

  • The snow wolf, Joan, died in front of “it” and his love and longing for his master and want to go back.
  • When our main character takes the form of a wolf it also transfers that longing that a wolf has to meet its master.
  • The tale of “it” takes us through the goals in a different form it takes. It does not have a particular goal of its own but it simply takes the form of consciousness or body of the object it touches or sees.

“It” first took the form of a pet wolf and told us the story of a pet wolf which was wounded and wanted to go back to its master. Later “It” takes the form of the boy and we see another tale of a boy who had nowhere to go because his tribesmen left him behind. His tribesmen wonder in looking for a place away from ravaging cold and Blizzard and finally find a place that resembles paradise.

It was a journey of an immortal being with spiritual realisation and its main theme relates to the self – consciousness.

What we can expect in, To your Eternity season 2?

The first season consists of twenty episodes, from April to August 2021. The last episode of season 1 gave a teaser of what is to come in season 2. We see a timed lap between season 1 and season 2. We see Fushi as a grown-up now, from jungle to seashore. We will go on in a guardian Arc where we will be introduced to the Guardian forces. Fushi has to go against his arch enemy – the nokkers. Adaption of the second half of the first act in relation to manga.  The second season of To your Eternity will follow where the story left and it will seek to complete the first act of manga in the second season of the Anime. New world Arc will be our Second act start.

In season 1, what period we are following?

We are in 1200 AD in season 1 of To your Eternity. It is a fictional world, so you might see things that are not historically accurate. Season one is set in the mediaeval to the late modern era.

What period can Season 2 be based on?

In season 2 we will be jumping a little bit towards the future, 40 years in the story. Season 1 ended with only the half of first act and season 2 will be following the second half of the first act. If we go like this, we will see the end of the first act in season 2. With the start of season 3, we will have more ahead centuries in the story.

The environment is a new one with Morden world with industrialization at its peak. A capitalist society with advancement in science and technology. Now our protagonist has overcome his enemy Nokkers and completed his and his friend’s goal. Or it is very much a possibility that season 2 will complete the second part of the first act of manga. While the second Act will go on in the Manga. The anime can end in season 2 and the rest will go on in Manga.

Possibility of the modern world setting

To your Eternity season, 2 will be ending by completing the first Act of the manga. If not season 3 will bring a new character and new setting into the picture. We can see if any of the time in-between the centuries has changed Fushi and if still do not feel that connection with individuals. Fushi takes the form of different species and how it is difficult for him to eat fish.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- When is to your eternity season 2?

Ans. 23 October 2022 is the release date for To your Eternity season 2.

Q- Does Fushi have a love interest?

Ans. Not as of yet, we still have to see any kind of development in Fushi.


With the form of a human, Fushi still finds it hard to understand more complex human emotions. Season 2 maybe try to dive into it. The theme of emotions. How an alien entity trying to make sense of complex human emotions. How they affect oneself.