How to Level Up Quickly in Facebook's Farmville

With just a little strategy, a rookie farmer can become a seasoned player quickly by earning XP and leveling up the game quickly. Here are some strategies and tips for the novice Farmville player.

Grow Mainly Crops

The best way to earn XP (experience points) quickly on Farmville is to plant crops. New farms start small, so use every plot the money will allow to plant and harvest crops. Those farmers who are able to check in throughout the day can plant 4-hour crops like strawberries, which yield only 1 XP for sowed and 1 XP each time the ground is plowed between plantings, but can be done more often. Others will need to plant crops with longer maturity times.

Remember when planning that crops will wither in an equal amount of time after maturity as they take to grow (so a 4-hour crop like strawberries will wither 8 hours after planting if not harvested). Each time after harvesting apply any profit to plowing and planting additional plots.

Click on Farmville Feed Posts

Because Farmville has so many more features for players joining now than those who started early in the games creation, clicking on feed posts can be a major piece of leveling up quickly. Adopted animals, obtained for free, can be sold for coins, or placed on the farm to be harvested. Crop mastery announcements and ribbon celebrations yield coin rewards when clicked on. Collectibles, when sets are completed, yield free XP and coins (as well as fuel that can be used after level 12 and when vehicles are purchased).

The best way to maximize feed post collecting is to play the game through the interface. This website provides a game feed that consolidates feed posts from Facebook friends. Using feed posts will enable new players to level up early much faster than veteran players experienced.

Resist Decorating Farms

Resist the urge to spend farm coins buying decorations or building early on. These items take up space that could be used planting crops and generally yield less money in more time than crop harvesting. Instead focus on crop management, and in any spare space, consider activities that will earn achievement ribbons, which gifts XP and coins as well.

Check out the Upgrade Farm tab in the marketplace and focus resources on expanding the farm to create additional room to plant crops and begin adding animals and trees. Participate with holiday collections and earn free prizes. These prizes gain no XP when used since they weren’t purchased from the marketplace, but can always be left in the gift box for later (the gift box holds up to 50 items as of early 2010), or sold to earn farm coins.

If new Farmville Farmers follow these tips, the move from rookie to veteran status will come very quickly. Happy farming!