Ohio and Louisiana Governors Issue Stay-At-Home Orders

Ohio and Louisiana Governors Issue Stay-At-Home Orders


 After many other cities, Ohio and Louisiana have become the latest states in the US to order a Stay-at-home statement. The action is taken to prevent the covid-19 disease from spreading. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued the said order after approval and acknowledgment of the Health Department of Ohio.

Governor tweeted “We are now at a new stage. @DrAmyActon just signed a statewide #StayHome order for Ohioans,” DeWine tweeted. “#StayHomeOhio: It does permit exceptions to staying home. Common sense exceptions: leaving for health and safety, for necessary supplies and services, for outdoor activity (walking your dog, going to a park — although playgrounds are closed).”

The order will be in effect from midnight Tuesday local time, and will be concluded on April 6th. Under the order, the citizens of Ohio will only be allowed out of their houses for essential purposes, including for getting groceries and supplies. Essential businesses are allowed to stay open.

Another US state Louisiana also issued similar stay-at-home order for its citizens to prevent coronavirus from spreading. The Louisiana Health Department shared their governor John Bel Edwards’ order that states the order to begin at 5 p.m. Monday.

As earlier mentioned, the Louisiana order allows its citizens to leave their houses for essentials only. All the businesses are facing a lockdown apart from essential businesses that are allowed to stay open during the order tenure.

Ohio and Louisiana now join other states of the US like California, New York, Jersey and Connecticut in ordering such an order.

As of Sunday, there have been over 311,000 identified cases of the coronavirus all over the world, killing over 13,000 people. In the U.S. the cases have exceeded 26,000 with at least 340 deaths. On a lighter note, there also has been at last 93,000 people that have been recovered after being tested positive for the covid-19.

In the US, the no. of recoveries is over 176. The U.S. has also become the country with the fourth-largest cases of coronavirus and is only behind China, Italy, and Spain. In the states, New York and Washington have been hit by the virus the most with 94 and 76 deaths respectively.

US Government has also taken vital actions to tackle the virus. President Donald Trump has also issued recommendations or guidelines that Americans must comply with to avoid any further damage in the states by the Coronavirus. 

The virus has originated from Wuhan, China in January and has since spread all over the world causing the economy in a panic.