The little black dress is a women’s wardrobe staple that never seems to go out of style. No matter what the current trends are, from 1920s flapper to the debatable 1980s comeback, the LBD fits in almost every 20th and 21st century era.

The little black dress doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. While there are plenty of ways to dress up the look, there are an equal number of ways to make the dress a casual, everyday outfit.


Casual: A denim jacket is a frequently shown item for this fall. Most women likely have one in their closet already, but since it’s a popular look for this season, there are many inexpensive options available in stores. Denim is a sure-fire way to make the dress less fancy.

A leather jacket is another option. This gives the dress a funky, punk aspect.

Fancy: A coat in a winter fabric looks luxe — examples are faux fur, suede or crushed velvet. Dark or neutral colors enhance the nighttime or glamorous aspect of these looks.


Casual: Casual flats make the dress seem like everyday wear. Boots are another option — paired with the aforementioned denim jacket, this can mimic an ’80s look (in a good way… think Drew Barrymore’s character Julia in The Wedding Singer.)

Colored tights are another casual option. Patterned tights have been shown in numerous fall fashion magazines. If the dress is short, leggings are another possibility.

Fancy: Heels are the basic way to “fancy up” the dress. If a woman prefers not to wear heels, flats can be fancy if they are in a fabric like velvet or if they have jeweled or embellished toes. Pair either with plain black tights.


Casual: A large tote bag in smooth or pebble leather is a perfect daytime accessory. Not only does this provide enough room for daily basics, the look itself is utterly casual.

Fancy: For nighttime, a jeweled clutch sparkles up a dress. Clutches, a feminine staple in the past, reestablished their popularity last year. If a little more room is needed, a structured handbag is also elegant, in a very Betty Draper way.


Casual: Multiple strands of necklaces, whether pearls, gemstones or beads, dress down any LBD. This can also be said for bracelets; piling on bangles is a daily option, as are colorful earrings. Also you can buy charm bracelets online.

Fancy: Minimalist always looks elegant, such as a strand of pearls, a delicate silver or gold necklace, a watch-and-bracelet combination. Earrings sans color, such as diamonds or pearls, match any little black dress.