Accessories have always been important to women, but this fall they’re taking on a special significance as an inexpensive way to make old outfits appear new. After all, not everyone may have the budget to purchase numerous of-the-moment outfits, but a few choice accessories can brighten up the jeans-and-a-jacket look (popular this season) and make it incredibly unique.


Leather has been seen all over the runways, in pants, fitted shirts and jackets. Leather routinely makes a “comeback” at least every few years, and this season designers are pairing it with more feminine pieces to achieve the coveted tough-chic balance.

Leather is currently used in all types of accessories, not simply bags and shoes. The “flower clip” has made a resurgence, perfect to embellish a sweater, a pair of jeans or as a hairpiece — and many of these flowers are being shown in leather.

Leather hats are also popular. The firm structure of leather makes it perfect for berets or caps; black is usually shown, but other dark-colored leather can also be found, such as brown, navy or purple. Beware of buying neon leather, however… the ’80s look may be a current trend, but there’s no telling how long it will actually last.

Faux Fur

Faux fur has been shown as the collars to various cardigans or as vests over outfits. (Some designers use real fur, but the quality of faux fur has improved so significantly, why not fake it?)

A way to make faux fur versatile is to purchase a fur scarf/boa. Then, instead of simply having one sweater with a fur collar, the scarf can compliment many different outfits. The fall issues of fashion magazines have been demonstrating this look, which compliments everything from jeans and a tee to an autumn dress.


“Baubles” is perhaps the best term to describe the current look in jewelry, which has been favoring chunky necklaces, bracelets and rings since last spring. (Need proof? Check out any recent J. Crew catalog.) In the past, this look was routinely referred to as “costume jewelry”.

There’s a variety of choices out there, from pricier versions with “real” stones to buy-a-dozen faux looks. A necklace with big stones works well with a plain-colored shirt, either to fill the empty space a low neckline gives or over a higher neckline. Bracelets look great peeking out of sweaters or accompanying three-quarter-length sleeves.

Earrings are also being shown as large stones or big dangles. If one is wearing an outfit with patterns, colorful earrings may be a bit much; but with fall’s neutral colors, they can really jazz up an outfit.

Ways to Wear

Some may wonder why the beginning of this article stated that accessories can be “incredibly unique”, yet then followed with a run-down of current trends. The beauty of accessories, however, is that even if a woman buys a similar necklace, scarf, hairpiece as hundreds of other women, she will still make it her own. By the way it’s worn, the way it’s placed, accessories are a personal statement. Have fun!