What is Facebook? How do you define the social platform in actual? No one knows the perfect answer and so some say it is a website, some quote it as an internet company, there a different group who calls it as a major player in the media universe while others say it is a strange new class of media outlet, a tech behemoth, and a cesspool of nonsense too.

Lately some is calling on Facebook to admit it is a media company and it is based on evidence as its news feed design inherently involves making editorial decisions.

Facebook has always denied calling itself a media house or playing its role as part of the media as the primary things people do on it is not limited to news and media.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “So I find it odd when people insist we call ourselves a news or media company in order to acknowledge its importance.”

Meanwhile, Pew research reveal little less than half of American Facebook users consider the platform as their primary source of news.

During the United States presidential election New York Times columnist Zeynep Tufekci wrote, “Facebook’s algorithm is central to how news and information is consumed in the world today, and no historian will write about 2016 without it.”

Even though Facebook is resisting to wear the badge of news and media company, the platform is a new source of journalism.

At the end it is important to know Facebook is cooler to be a tech company rather than becoming a media outlet.