Jueyun Chili Location

Genshin Impact: Jueyun Chili Location and Where To Find!

Genshin Impact is packed full of amazing treasures waiting to be discovered. From special currencies, resources, and unique items – you’ll find all the collectibles your heart desires. Take a look around and see what hidden gems await. Genshin Impact is teeming with all sorts of collectibles. From resources to currency, you’ll need something different for every activity in the game. Looking to bring Xiangling’s cooking skills up a notch? You’ll need some Jueyun Chili. Discover how easy it is to find this unique Genshin Impact ingredient and unlock new recipes.

Farm Route Jueyun Chili Location

Collecting Jueyun Chili is the key to unlocking even more progress and adventures with Xiangling! To reach new heights in exploration, each character needs a distinct combination of Ascension items and materials.

Xiangling loves to cook and her Ascension is no exception – it requires an ingredient that’s out of the ordinary. For an unforgettable experience, head to the stunning Liyue desert in southern Tevyat and search for Jueyun Chilis – a unique culinary delight.

Explore the town of Qingce and its spectacular sights by taking a hike! Starting at Stone Gate, tasty chilis await you. If you’re feeling adventurous, journey to Hulao or Aozang Mountains, where Huaguang Stone Forest lies in wait – an incredible sight not to be missed.

Collecting chilis has never been easier – the collection points are situated so close together that you can create a route to get all your desired chili peppers in no time.

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What is the use of Jueyun Chili?

Wonder what this strange chili could be used for in Genshin Impact? Jueyun Chili is a special spice that’s known to give dishes an extra kick. Not only will it leave your taste buds tingling, but you can also use it as crafting material.

This amazing plant has incredible properties that are perfect for enhancing the health of Xiangling. It’s a must-have natural remedy. It is found everywhere in the kitchen as recipes.

  • Blackback Perch Stew: Nothing quite like a feast of Blackback Perch Stew! Deliciously satisfying, it’ll restore your team’s health and keep them going with regeneration over the next 30 seconds. Up to 30% maximum health restored for all – plus 450-790 extra healing each 5 seconds – now THAT’S something special.
  • Jade Roll: The Jade Roll power-up is a surefire way to up your game! All team members will benefit from its boost of 224/272/320 in Attacks and 6/8/10% Critical Chance for the next 300 seconds. Get ready to rule your opponents with this glorious upgrade.
  • Chingtsé Sauteed: Increase your team’s strength and power with Chingtsé Sauteed! For 300 seconds, boost the attack of all characters on your side up to a whopping 228 points in multiplayer mode. Get ready for an explosive battle.
  • Rocky Chicken: Rocky Chicken upgrades your team’s critical skills to the next level! Enjoy boosted combat power for a full 5 minutes in multiplayer mode. Upgrade now and dominate the battlefield.
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People May Also Ask

Where can I find the Jueyun chili Location in Genshin impact?

For a unique and flavorful experience, head to Qingce Village in the north of Bishui Plain for some delicious Jueyun Chili.  In the wild, there’s a unique discovery growing in Minlin, Stone Gate, and Qingce Village – Jueyun Chili. These tasty chilis come three to a stem for an extra flavourful surprise.

Where should I frame for Jueyun Chili?

If you’re ever in Qingce Village or nearby Mt. Aocang, keep an eye out for Jueyun Chili! These bright red chilies are easy to spot once they’ve grown and make a stunning addition to any landscape.

How do you solve the puzzle in Jueyun Karst?

Players can find these bewitching, orange rocks scattered around the lake. They look like giant black flowers with a luminous inside – so go ahead and strike those stones to reveal what’s within.


If you’re looking for the fiery taste of the Jueyun Chili location in Genshin Impact, head on over to Liyue Harbor – that’s where it can be found. Read the article for more information.

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