Why Pokemon Go Banned In China

Why Pokemon Go Banned In China


Pokemon Go couldn’t reach China. It will never too. The country’s state censor has banned the Nintendo’s hit smartphone app until potential security risks is not evaluated. Same statement goes for other similar augmented reality games. The license is far away from them in mainland as well as in Hong Kong.

China is the biggest smartphone and online gaming market in the world and Nintendo’s Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm last year when it was released.

Developed by US-based Niantic, the Pokemon Go need players to walk around in real-life neighborhoods with their smartphones to hunt and thereafter to capture virtual cartoon characters on the screen.

The interesting game has however been blamed for several road accidents, including couple of fatal ones.

Pokemon Go relies on Google services including the Maps application, and it is needless to sa Google Map is blocked in China.

Data privacy concerns have also been a big question with Pokemon Go as it uses geolocation maps and Nintendo has not yet disclosed what is done with the user data.

State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television is the Chinese censor and it has high level of responsibility to national security, its people’s safety and safety of property as well.