Is it weird to know Samsung wants the next iPhone to be successful? Let’s take a closer look. A report reveals the South Korean giant will be supplying curved OLED panels to Apple for the so-called iPhone 8 unofficially.

Another pinch of similar weird news is LG’s display division supplied OLED panels to Apple even though knowing its own phones are thriving in a market dominated by the iPhone.

This year is the 10th anniversary of original iPhone and it is learned Apple may come up with all glass curved smartphone. But why Samsung is helping, or in other word supporting, Apple to succeed with its redesigned iPhone.

It is not to forget Samsung is a huge conglomerate and has ridiculously sprawling empire. It has theme park, its own baseball team and some more similar assets. The mobile phone division is just a small portion of the pie at its stable.

Samsung’s OLED panels are in great demand and this is one of the reasons it turned a profit of $7.76 billion despite the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that reported to have cost the company $5 billion.

Samsung’s OLED panels come with brilliant high-contrast and true-black screens. The other tech giants who source from the company include Dell, HP and Sony.