Woman’s life will be committed to the pursuit of beauty so that make a lot of errors and these errors are to make us again and again learn a lesson, which is at the end what is to avoid? In this article we will discuss how to overcome these bad habits and live longer.

Repeated weight loss

In the past the medical profession had repeated that weight loss will lead to metabolic disorders, reduction of muscle density, or even sudden death, but in-depth study has been presented for the negative trend on the above conclusion. However, repeated weight loss, weight gain for the health implications are not optimistic. Couple of years ago studies of Washington Medical Center had shown that repeatedly losing weight make the body long-term immunity decline.

Love sunbathing

Many people think that sunbathing not only gives their own charming color, but also keep them healthy. But do not underestimate the sun’s ability – too long or frequent sunbathing can also cause skin cancer and premature aging (e.g., pigmentation, wrinkles, loose skin and broken capillaries, etc.). Although no one can prove that what extent does the sun and skin cancer have the direct causal relationship, there are studies that show the probability on people who suffer from sun burns, leading to melanoma and this is higher than that of other people.

Often in a noisy environment

When you were young, you loved rock and roll, but you would find yourself hearing declined later. Often in a noisy environment, it is likely to cause the ability of auditory system to receive AM sound is reduced, and sometimes you could not hear the words of others, even worse around the noise. With age, people would be insensitive on a higher sound, such as the ability of listening to the doorbell, the phone is reduced.


Alcohol can easily lead to alcoholism, especially in their immediate family members in case of such patients. Alcoholism is defined in the medical profession as this – once drink 5 bottles of beer or 5 bottles or more, or alcohol content of blood is at or above 0.08. Because large amounts of alcohol will kill brain cells, before long, it will lead to memory loss. It may also causes fatty liver, cirrhosis and other liver diseases. If the situation is serious, the patient need for a liver transplant to save life.