Is Rust Cross platform

Is Rust Cross platform?

Facepunch studios brought you a survival multiplayer video game, Rust. DadZ inspired Rust through and through initially, and DayZ itself is a mode of ARMA2, as it contains crafting different items to survive. It first came out as early access at the end month of 2013 and the game was finally released in February 2018. It was first released in macOS and windows, but later in May 2021, it was also released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In the online multiplayer market, Rust is one of the prevalent games available for you to enjoy. Rust is a multi-platform game, and the question “is rust cross platform” pop-up. Let’s discuss whether it is rust cross platform and if it is then what are its cross-platform features?

Xbox, PC, and PlayStation cross-play 

Cross-play, which is available on Rust is only available between condoles, if you have Xbox you can play with your friends who are on PlayStation but not on PC. While in-game you will be playing with other console players if they are Xbox or PlayStation but PC players cannot join the console, they play with other PC players.

Tips for Beginners in RUST

With new players joining Rust every day, they should know a few tips for survival in RUST so they can enjoy and catch up with other players in no time. We will go over all the basic and important tips that will help you learn this game faster.

Early Weapons + PVP   

  • The game consists of proximity chat, which means you and your opponent can talk to each other even if you are not on the same team but people use this to their advantage and try to fool other players by saying they are friendly or just passing by. Everyone is ready to do anything to survive in this game unless it is someone you know you need to be careful. 
  • As you enter the game you have nothing on you, first step would be to cut down trees, with trees you can create a spear. Now you need to collect food and for hunting with the spear that you just made.
  • To make arrows you need a stone that you can get from large grey rocks on the map. You need to collect resources to make different items.
  • To craft a spear you will require 300x woods
  • To craft a Bow you will require 50x cloth and 200x wood.
  • For the Stone pickaxe, you need 100x stones and 200x woods
  • For crafting a stone hatchet you require 100x stone and 200x wood.

Shelter, food, and water 

  • There is a variety of supplies in the game that you can eat or drink to survive in the game. You can hunt animals, harvest plants, or loot different items from places. To drink water, you can go to nearby water bodies and drink and store water. 
  • You need weapons for hunting down animals and for that you need to craft first, you need to understand the map well so you can move smoothly from one place to another and obtain your required items.
  • To make a shelter you need to find a safe zone on the map. The places where you can set up your shelter are like Bandit camps or outposts.

1×1 basic set-up for a base

  • To establish a set-up for your shelter you need a construction plan, a wooden door, a wooden hammer and a keylock.
  • You require 1500x stones and 500x wood for his basic shelter.

Safe Zone

To identify a safe zone, you need to look for a green shop symbol. Within the safe, you are not allowed to kill each other, and it is like a haven so you can relax and check your supplies. 


  • There are different sizes of monuments in Rust. The smaller it is limited the amount of loot you will find in it. It is an ideal place for you to loot if you are a new player in Rust because of the lack of radioactivity.
  • The larger the monuments better the loot you will find in them. With more variety of loot and more facilities. To enter this area you are required to have protective gear that can protect you from radiation. Because of the level of danger this place has, the loot is more worthwhile too.
  • You can repair and craft different items with the use of the monument workbenches. There are oil refineries that help to convert oil into fuel that can be used. You will also find research benches and you can use them to turn your scrap into templates.


  • With 65 clothes you can craft up to 11 radiation resistance suites. You can obtain cloth by Killing animals and then with the help of a hatchet, butcher it. You can also get it through the hemp plant, very easy to find in the forest.
  • If you craft a simple Burlap set it will give you a good amount of resistance from radiation. If you have Hazmat suits are ideal for initial games as they provide 50 protection from radiation.


  • There is a total number of five species of animals in the game. They range from edible to other resources and by hunting, you can gather them. There are very few that are a danger to the players.
  • Animals that new players should avoid are wolves, bears, and board. They will come after you when they see you.
  • For new players, you should be looking for chickens or deer.

Time Zone

There is a day and night that run according to the game clock. Nights are 15 minutes long and days are 45 min long. Once the night falls it is very hard to see and at night you should be lighting up fire to the camp and be careful of players who are lurking in the darkness.


  • Tempered Biomes

You will find different types of wild plants and other loot.

  • Desert Biomes

It is a very easy area where you can collect resources.

  • Snow Biomes

During slow, you will be required to clothes to survive 

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

When is rust going to be cross-platform?

There is no news by the official announcement about players from PC who can join the lobbies with console players as of yet. We are waiting for future announcements.

How is rust cross platform?

And. In a way, yes, Rust is cross platform as an Xbox player and PlayStation players can enjoy the game together in the same lobbies but PC players cannot join the lobbies with other console players.


Is rust cross platform? Yes, in a way. As players from PlayStation can join the lobbies with friends who are on Xbox but PC players cannot do that. They have their separate lobbies. If you are a new player, we have put a few tips for you, so you can learn to enjoy the game without getting lost.