Can You Play Genshin Impact on Mac?

Genshin impact mac is still highly recommended by many gamers as it has a wide variety of features that are not available in most other games. Genshin Impact is an arcade-style action RPG created by Chinese developer Mihoyo. It was first released on Steam in 2015 and removed several years later. Like the Diablo series, Genshin Impact focuses on completing quests and leveling up your character to gain experience and fame as you progress through the game world. After its release, the game quickly gained popularity in Korea, with over 500 concurrent users in 2017 alone.

Many people still need to learn how to play or download Genshin Impact on Mac, which is surprising considering the game is available on Steam, a well-known platform for digital distribution. However, there are many methods of installing the game. The steps covered below do not require any special skills other than ensuring that your system meets all the requirements to run Genshin Impact, but it will take more time than using a well-known method such as the Steam method.

Play Genshin Impact on Mac

After verifying that your system meets the requirements of Genshin Impact, go to Google and search for “Genshin Impact mac Download.” Open a link called “Download Genshin Impact,” then follow the instructions on the page to download the files. The file you need is downloaded from a mirror site, as mentioned on the page. Factorization is another option that people, along with third-party software, can use. Factorization can turn Genshin Impact into an open-source app, but some players complain it does not work as smoothly as Steam. The other apps are all paid and are known to be effective in downloading and running Genshin Impact on Mac. Genshin Impact uses the mod loader program ModLoader, which can be found on ModLoader’s official website. The installation instructions provided by this site are clear and complete; however, the link for downloading ModLoader is no longer available on its page.

What about Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming services are new to Genshin impact Mac users but are free and do not require any third-party software to be installed. The problem is that cloud gaming services have limited activity; therefore, you can play or watch only one or two games simultaneously. You can get Genshin Impact from Steam for $4.99, which is much more expensive than an alternative method. MacNerds’ Choice. How to Play Genshin Impact on Mac: Once the file has been downloaded, start the Genshin Impact Launcher and click “Play.”

Enter the email address and other details required and create a new password. Click OK after doing this. The next screen will again ask you to enter your username, password, etc. Check all the boxes to start playing immediately after this step is complete. Once you have verified your email address and created a new password for Genshin Impact on Mac, you will be able to log into this game within a few minutes.


The steps mentioned here are only for Genshin Impact on Mac. You can only download the game from Steam if you have a PC since that is where it was designed to run. Alternatively, downloading the game through Google Drive or using third-party software and applications can also be used.