Saving the environment, or going green, has become a huge trend in everything from dining out to driving to work and even has hit the interior decorating business. Yes, there are actually ways to decorate your home that will help save the environment and make your home living situation healthier for you and everyone in your family. If you’re interested in going green at home consider incorporating the following tips into your home decorating scheme.


The best way to bring environmental decorating into your home is by developing a love for antiques, or previously owned furniture. By buying or reusing older furniture you’re not adding to the mass consumption of all of the products and energy used to create new furniture. Even refinishing and refurbishing will typically save natural resources.

If you really want to purchase new furniture pieces, look for products that are nontoxic and use nontoxic materials, use organic fabrics, latex foam, wool batting, and renewable woods. If you search hard enough you’ll find a few companies that specialize in eco-friendly furniture.

Floor Coverings

If you are lucky enough to have a floor that has original hardwoods, do what you can to save them and refurbish them rather than applying new or synthetic floors on top. If you’re using rugs, look for all-natural and sustainable fibers. You can even go so far as to look for rugs that are biodegradable and recyclable. If you’re looking for a hardwood type floor, try bamboo flooring. Bamboo does have some problems but if you use a company that is definitely using mature bamboo you should have minimal problems. You can also consider recycled metal or glass tiles, cork, linoleum, stones or reclaimed woods.