Destiny 2 Baboon Error Code:- Easy Fix!

The Destiny 2 baboon error signifies that there has been a connectivity issue. Bungie’s term for a general connection issue is “Baboon.” Why does this happen? How can I correct this? Read on to find out further.

Baboon Error: What is it?

According to Bungie, this happens because of data packets or delays from your wired network and Bungie. Baboons can be caused by certain WiFi setups, malfunctioning portable hotspots, or LOS (loss of connection). Additionally, Bungie offered the following diagnostic advice.

How To Fix Quick Fix It?

  • For a little while, switch your Wi – fi connection or wireless connection to a broadband network to identify if the WiFi’s reliability or power is enough. For Destiny 2 baboon, your broadband connection has to be highly stable.
  • If Baboons are appearing on your screen and you aren’t able to log into Destiny 2 baboon, forcibly restart the game by quitting and starting it again.

You may debug even the most straightforward operations with the help of the two ways mentioned above. You have quite a significant connection issue if you persist in encountering issues. Players have reported that since Bungie did emergency maintenance, this problem has started to occur at random intervals. For those who are Comcast or Xfinity members, you don’t have to worry; there is a fix.

For Comcast/Xfinity Customers Only!

  • If you’re a Comcast/Xfinity user, find out more information about the gateway you use. The system’s modem and router are known as the gateway.
  • In the event that it’s the Xfi Advanced Gateway (also known as a black tower), let Comcast know and request an update to the more recent Xfi Gateway 3rd Edition (white tower).

The prior Comcast/Xfinity towers seem to conflict with internal adjustments in Destiny 2 baboon. Therefore, if you have a Comcast subscription, you might wish to think about upgrading so that you can access the sport. This solution was developed by someone who participated in the Bungie help page.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does error code baboon mean DDOS?

Error code Baboon is triggered by transmission errors or connectivity problems between someone player’s local network and Bungie; as Guardians will discover if a player encounters the error code Baboon while gaming, Bungie advises that they try switching from a wireless connection to a wired one first.

How do you fix a baboon error?

Possible Solutions For The Destiny 2 Baboon Error Code: Players of the Xbox and PlayStation should stop the game by pressing the center button on their corresponding consoles. Even though it might seem like a no-brainer, restarting apps sometimes resolve data transmission problems.


So that was all for the Destiny 2 baboon error code. I hope this article would have been proved helpful to you. Read the above-mentioned troubleshooting method carefully.

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