How To Beat Cynthia – Easy Guide – Pokemon Game!

After the players overcome the Elite Four, they come face to face with Cynthia. This implies that the team you choose to overcome Flint, Lucian, Aaron, and Bertha should be strong enough to beat Cynthia!

Battlefront preparations: How To Beat Cynthia?

You must carry a large number of healing supplies with you so that you can replenish your HP both during and following the battle. The finest strategies in the game require less PP than others, so some others should also be added. Predictably, items that restore PP, like Potions and Resurrects, cannot be bought; as a result, you will be required to gather and conserve a handful as you go.

Cynthia doesn’t have any special interests. Nine different Pokemon types may be seen in her six. Thankfully, all of her Pokemon—with the exception of one—are dual-type. Therefore this will give you a bit more room to take advantage of their flaws.

Suggested lineup/counters!

  • If you’ve got a Pokemon on your list with a potent grass-type strike, Milotic and Gastrodon should not be an issue.
  • It is possible to defeat Garchomp and Roserade by utilizing ice-type attacks.
  • The latter could also be defeated with fire-type techniques, which should be useful against Lucario.
  • Fairy-type powers are Spiritomb’s only significant weakness, but they can be overcome by brute force if necessary.
  • For ice-type moves, Palkia and Dialga are strongly advisable because they can both learn Blizzard with TM14. This move is available at the Department Store in Veilstone Town or Lakes Acuity.
  • For those without Infernape as a starting, Rapidash is a good substitute. Haunter or Gengar can obtain Dazzling Gleam with TM21, which is available in the Team Galactic headquarters or the shopping center.
  • Both Pokemon can learn Giga Drain from Surf, which they can both find on Route 208. Trainers who don’t wish to use a Haunter/Gengar or a specific Grass type can have one of the Grass Knot TMs (TM86) they obtained after beating Gardenia.

Battle Planning: How To Beat Cynthia?

  • You should start with a Pokémon that has a potent Fairy-type move since Cynthia will start with Spiritomb. If you could somehow try to take it out with one blow; otherwise, Cynthia will remember you, and Lucario would be expelled.
  • At this point, switch to your fire-type Pokémon, while Gastrodon is also an excellent choice because it has the ability to utilize Earth Power to defeat Lucario.
  • You can then either stick with the current fire-type fighter if Roserade emerges ahead, or you can switch to a Pokémon with a potent ice-type skill such as Ice Beam or Blizzard.
  • When Gastrodon or Milotic are the next ones to be released, we advise you to change to one of your grass-type Pokémon. The latter is notorious for using Rest to replenish HP, although managing it can be difficult. Grass Knot should be capable of eliminating it with just one strike, thankfully.
  • Cynthia will be using Garchomp, her last and most terrifying Pokémon if you haven’t already vanquished Spiritomb. Fortunately, due to the nature of the Pokémon, ice-type moves will harm it 4 times as much, allowing Palkia and Dialga to quickly dispatch it using Blizzard.
RoseradeDazzling Gleam Energy Ball Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb
MiloticIce Beam Mirror Coat Recover Scald
SpiritombDark Pulse Shadow Ball Psychic Sucker Punch
GarchompDragon Claw Earthquake Poison Jab Swords Dance
GastrodonEarthquake Scald Rock Tomb Sludge Bomb
LucarioAura Sphere Flash Cannon Dragon Pulse Nasty Plot


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