Genshin Fish Claymore – Easy guide!

A Genshin Impact 2.1 occasion has introduced the opulent Sea-Lord Fish Claymore as a complimentary four-star weapon. The gamers now know how to get their fingers on the opulent Sea-Lord arsenal.

Ways to Get!

  • Exquisite Sea-Lord, a complimentary 4-star armament, must be obtained at the Moonlight merriment special store by participants. A weaponry only available during the event, the Genshin fish claymore will have more sophisticated features.
  • Exclusively Exquisite Sea-Lord Genshin Impact armaments are available to buy for individuals who have reached a particular stage of development. Genshin Impact 2.1 will take place from September 26 until October 11. The luxurious Ocean Lord armament may be obtained by gamers for a maximum of two weeks.
  • All adventure level 28 and higher participants are allowed to participate in the Moonlight Merriment event. Additionally, they should have completed the missions “Trulla Chapter: Act 1 – Mondstadt Gastronomy Tour” as well as “Chapter 1: Act 3 – A New Star Approaching.”

Mighty Sea-Lord!

A basic assault of 455 will be available in addition to an ATK boost at level 91. Elemental Burst harm is predicted to increase by 13% with the Genshin fish claymore. Elemental Burst strength will increase to a maximum of 25% with improvements.

  • It is predicted that when a nemesis is attacked by a claymore, a “Titanic Tuna” will emerge. The tuna will deliver between 101% and 201% of ATK in damage, depending on the modifications.
  • In Genshin Impact, DPS warriors must have weaponry with powerful basic abilities as well as an ATK% boost. For Genshin fish claymore, players that are comfortable in their Elemental Blast also constitute a good fit.
  • Luxurious Sea-Lord may be used to harvest Sayu’s Muji-DPS. Muji’s Beidou and Luxurious Sea-Lord can be combined to cause electrocution and injury.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the fish claymore a good weapon?

The weapon is a good 4-star claymore with the Coastal Triumph ability. The weapon’s description is as continues to follow: “13% Elemental Burst Damage Improvement.”

What is the best Craftable claymore?

Prototype Archaic (Craftable): Because it is craftable and simple to improve changes that were made, the Prototype Archaic is indeed the preferred one for the early stages of the game’s primary damage providers. When you need to inflict greater harm, its ATK% substrate is ideal, and at refinement level 1, the passive ultimately helps you inflict extra damage every 14 seconds.

Which claymore suits Noelle the best?

The finest F2P choice is Whiteblind since a blacksmith can manufacture it. This Claymore strengthens Noelle’s shielding ability and heals while raising her total Defense statistic.

What is the fish claymore called?

The Luxurious Sea-Lord: Figures who can use Claymores, such as Diluc, Beidou, Eula, and Sayu, can utilize The Luxurious Sea-Lord, a four-star Claymore.


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