In a new survey it is found athletic coaches suggest to include more proteins in diet to the budding athletes and fail to promote carbohydrates in it, which is a wrong diet for developing growth.

Lately a large majority of high school athletes are relying on low-carbohydrate and high protein diets along with consumption of some nutritional supplements too. Researchers say such kind of diet is inadequate for adolescence as during such phase of life more energy is required to accommodate hormonal changes as well as physical growth of the body.

It is learned 65 percent of a diet should contain carbohydrates during the adolescence period and the carbohydrate should include vegetables, fruits and whole grains. One should note not to consume too much of processed carbs like the donuts and pop tarts.

An article published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reveals the athletic coaches should be the main influence for diet to the young athletes.

The journal writes a survey was conduction to examine the nutritional knowledge of 47 high school coaches and also to evaluate the quality of nutritional practices that is recommended by the coaches to the budding athletes.

The survey finds not even 50 percent of the coaches encouraged a high-carbohydrate diet to the high-school athletes.

It is also found there’s a misconception about protein, but it is to note that carbohydrate is essential nutrient to optimize energy in young athletes. Proteins just is required for recovery, maintaining lean body mass and mass growth.