Can you buy Gil in FFXIV?

There have been 14 main installments of Final Fantasy, and still it able to maintain its popularity and rank among the ones that revolutionaries gaming. Square Enix brought quality and experience and hit the heart of every gamer.

With the amazing storylines of all the titles FFXIV, and PvP that keeps you engage, to explore the fantastical land, you need to have enough money, aka Gill, to journey to the land of Final Fantasy. It provides a quality of life experience.

As a gamer myself, someone who grew up playing Final Fantasy games and with the help of my experience and different guide, I used to watch on YouTube and read online. I brought you; can you buy Gil in FFXIV? And the ultimate FFXIV Gil guide.

Let’s jump into the guide and explore the guide.

What is FFXIV Gil?

Gil is the currency of the frictional lands of Eorzea just like Mora is the currency of the frictional land of Teyvat from Genshine Impact. Just like American Dollar, Yen from Japan, and Rupee from India, FFXIV works as the bases of all legal trade.

With consuming and selling the goods in-game, the circulation of Gil starts inside communities to build a good economy, just like in the real world.

Just like the real world, where we actively take part in the economy of our countries, you participate in the buying and selling in the fantastic land of Eorzea. The question is, can you buy Gil in FFXIV? You can do that with this process of buying and selling goods in-game.

What are the Uses of FFXIV Gil?

From every single thing to big things, it all requires Gil and for that, you have to grind for Gil in-game.

Crafting materials require Gil, you need gill to buy materials off the market for prerequisites to enter a dungeon.

FFXIV Aithonan’s amazing mount which helps you travel the world faster also requires you to Gil

For going to the dungeon and beating tough bosses like Louisoixin. The Final could of Bahamut you will require a good amount of Gil.

What I want to say in the end as I mentioned earlier, is Gil is one of the most important things you require, and stack it up on your inventory. If you think about how will earn and store it up in your inventory I got your back.

Best Methods to Make FFXIV Gold!

Let’s jump to the real thing now, can you buy Gil in FFXIV and how can you earn Gil and save it up for you to spend it on the right places at the right time for the right amount? Watch this youtube video to know more about it:


If you have placed different action RPG games which take place in the open world, you will get a good idea of how to earn Gil.

Regular quests are there for you to complete, leveling up your character with particular and valuable loot, and the most important thing Gill requires to get things moving. You can find different main scenario quests, which you can find with NPC’s just like Louisoix, who has a quest icon on their head.

I am presuming you are new to the game, so I am letting you know some quests are higher level, but they contain more valuable items and more Gil. Great risk greater the reward. It is a very rewarding experience that provides you satisfaction and, importantly, more Gil.


Crafting is a very important way to create items, gears, and constables, which can provide you with buff to increase your chances to defeat bosses. It is an easy way to get benefits like FFXIV titles.

There are two different classes of discipline, which changes the way you earn FF14 Gil. Disciple of the land and Disciples of the hand are two different disciplines.

If you want the most profitable classes, you must choose the followings; Alchemist, Culinarian, Blacksmith, and Goldsmith. These classes can provide you with a decent amount of FFXIV Gil.

Levequests / Guildleve

Unlike regular quests that can be performed only one time, level quests or guild level can be performed many times, as long as your level allows you to do. It will give you a good amount of Gil, but you have the be regular.

For Guildlevel you can talk to NPC who has ‘Levemete’ under their name. It can be done individually as well as with a group. It will you earn more FFXIV Gil.

Market Board

Buying the item at low prices, then adding value items and spending the low amount on it and then selling it in the high-value market. It’s a basic business where you use minimal resources on a particular item and make its value higher than what you have put on it then sell it to gain profit.

Sometimes you obtain high-value items which might not be of any use to you. Why keep it in your inventory? If you are confident that you don’t need that item, in particular,  sell it in the market and gain more Gil.


 Can you buy Gill in FFXIV? Yes, you can just simply buy the Gil that you require if you have no time to spend on the game; spend money.

How to Buy FFXIV Gil?

There is no particular way to buy FFXIV Gil. You can likely get banned for even talking about selling or buying Gill in-game. It’s prohibited to buy or sell fill-in-game or in real life.

But why would I say yes to buying FFXIV Gil if I do not know how to do it? You can easily use third-party online portals to buy FFXIV. Online gold-selling platforms for various games are available. I will recommend the legal and safe way to buy FFXIV Gil, which is SSEGOLD.

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I hope this information has come to your use. Enjoy your journey in the Fantasy land. Happy gaming, everyone.