Beidou Genshin Impact

In the storyline of The Traveler, Beidou comes as a saving grace. The Traveler wants to go to Inazuma to gain more knowledge about his sister, wh o he recently found is the princess of Abyss and planning something big. Beidou Genshin Impact is the captain of the ship with a large crew. She accepts the request of Traveler to take him to Inazuma. As far as we know, Inazuma is a close set of islands that do not welcome outsiders.

Archon of Inazuma has put many restrictions on her own people as well as on people outside of Inazuma. Going by normal means is difficult for The Traveler. Beidou genshin impact accepts the request of Traveler but wants him to participate in a tournament where he will get a vision if he wins. The Traveler, as we know, does not require vision to use elements. So he asks her to take him to Inazuma instead and they both agree. Beidou takes The Traveler to Inazuma on her ship.

Beidou Genshin Impact is a four-start character; she is in control of the Electro element. She is a free addition to the game; MiHiYo confirms that besides this event, Beidou will also come to Paimon’s store for a month from time to time and also in a character banner, and she will be adding a standard banner.

Get Beidou For Free!

Thunder sojourn event is where you can participate and get Beidou Genshin Impact as a character for free. Thunder’s sojourn event has four major tasks  Bolt Blitz, Lightning Round, Weaving Lightning, and Automation Front. After completing these tasks, you will get resources that you can then exchange in the story to gain different rewards.

By completing the obstacles in the first three tasks, you will get Thunder Pellets and by acquiring these thunder Pellets, you can use them in the event’s store to get different important items that consider character Beidou; for that you require 1,000 Pellets.

But to obtain the character, you will wait because Beidou requires Thunder crystals; you have to have 1,000x the amount. For now, there is no way to gain these crystals. Wait for the Automaton front activities, then you can get Beidou.

After gaining all the required resources, you will able to get Beidou Genshin Impact by going to the event tab and in the right concern, you will get the symbol of Oceanlord Oath. After selecting it, you will get the window that will say, “Invite Beidou.”

After clicking “Send an invitation,” you will have Captain Beido Genshin Impact, a new four-start character. Now it’s time to make more meta teams with Captain.


Beidou Genshin Impact will bring new meta teams to the surface. Beidou is one of those characters who wins the heart of Travelers all around the world in the world of Teyvat. Beidou has a great design and we also know in the character description of Beidou, it says she defeated a sea monster without a vision and players are anticipating her to be five start character in five start disguise. Are you excited about a new character and introducing them from Inazuma?