Guard counter Elden Ring – The Complete Guide!

All FromSoftware games have a robust fighting mechanism with a variety of tactics. The guard counter Elden ring serves as one of them. This article will demonstrate how to employ this tactic in Elden Ring to assist you as you travel across the Places Between.

Define Guard Counter!

This move is seen in Elden Ring and is similar to Sekiro’s deflecting style. Additionally, knowing how to employ the Guard Counter will aid players in their battles with powerful opponents in Elden Ring.

Parries from earlier combat games that you might have played are comparable to guard counters. Your enemy’s posture might be broken, allowing you to assault them if you execute a guard counter effectively.

At the beginning of the game, participants are first instructed in this approach. You may undertake a tutorial if you enter the Cavern of Wisdom, and among the skills the game shows, you would be the Guard Counter. But if you’re itching to get out on your voyage across the Regions Between, you likewise have the option of choosing not to enter the Cavern of Knowledge.

How can I apply this strategy in Elden Ring?

You must pay close attention to your opponent’s moves in order to execute this battle maneuver. You must instantly stop their assault once they hit in order to use this move. But, if you are using a shield, you must conduct a guard counter. Additionally, sufficient endurance is needed to conduct guard counters. If you try a guard counter and lose endurance, you will take damage rather than deflect the blow.

Here are the instructions for using this fighting maneuver in Elden Ring:

  1. Put a shield on with your off-hand first. Then use your barrier to deflect a melee strike.
  2. Perform a powerful assault after stopping the strike. If you choose to employ a mild strike on your opponent, guard counter measures are ineffective.

Guard counters are effective if you notice a faint glow surrounding your character’s forehead and hear the sparkling sound effects. Additionally, defensive counterassaults may be more damaging than a typical strong assault. As a result, because it can aid you, you might wish to learn this approach as soon as possible.

But before you’re able to shatter an Elden Ring boss’ posture properly, you must use more than each of these methods on them. Here is a link to our comprehensive guide to Elden Ring bosses.

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