Recovering after a cycle race is not easy. It requires time. But below are some important tips how you can help your injuries to recover to the earliest:

– After the race ends don’t stop down suddenly. Keep cycling slowly for at least five minutes before full stop. This will help the expanded blood vessels to contract gradually. Stopping suddenly would make the blood stay in place like pools of water and this will limit the ability of your body to get fresh blood.

– Even after getting down from your bike it is suggested to keep moving. Take a walk of about five minutes before making your body come to rest as your muscles need some time to contract.

– Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated after the race ends. It is better if you take protein-type drinks like chocolate milk. However, don’t over-hydrate yourself with sport drinks.

– Eat a lot of protein after the race ends as it will help in fast recovery. Take high-protein snack immediately after the race ends and later eat a high-protein meal like including fish, chicken, beef or nuts in your diet. Protein helps in decreasing muscle damage and also fast recovery.

– Wear compression socks as it will help in reducing muscle soreness, swelling and fatigue after intense bike ride.

– Get a massage of your legs to push out such fluids that carry waste products from muscle breakdown. It will improve circulation of fresh blood too.

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