In the mountain genshin quest

In The Mountains Genshin Quest Guide!

Genshin impact is an open-world action RPG. There are multiple ways in this it keeps you engage and one of the ways is a quest. You have the Archon quest and world quest and you involve yourself in the storyline. Like this, there is a question name In the mountains genshin impact quest.

To interact with In the mountains genshin impact quest, go to Iris who belongs to Adventure’s camp near Dragonspine and talk to her to initiate the quest. She will talk about strange ice and tell you a few details. Now you have to travel to Dragonspine. 


Strange Ice

Strange Ice
  1. Follow the directions given on the map and you will discover a teleport waypoint near the quest. Open the waypoint to make this easier. Now you will find strange ice that does not interact with pyro or hydro. 
  2. To break that strange ice you need a scarlet quarter. They are red stone-like things. You can find them around the strange ice. You break those Scarlet Quartzes and then you interact with strange ice and it will start to break.
  3. After doing this process three to four times, you will now open a FrostbearingTree. You can do missions to gain rewards from them. 
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Thaw Shards

Thaw Shards
  1. While following the strange objects that flew away you get a roadblock. There is a frigid wind that you cannot pass as of yet.
  2. Now you get the instructions to go back to Iris and explain the details to her. Now you are advised to go and look for two more strange things that you found in your last objective. You will give a mission name “Thaw all the Shards out” and you will follow that objective. 


  1. Now you will enter Starglow Cavern which you can find on a map. Go down to the bottom of it. You will find another of the crystal but again it is blocked, first by a barrier and then the ice. 
  2. You have to do a small mission where you have to fight different monsters in a difficult environment and it gets really hard because of the time limit. I suggest you take two Pyro and electro characters. In an environment where water and ice can freeze you, you should be taking a character that goes otherwise in it. 
  3. Look for Seelie, first one is easy to find. The other two are hidden under the ice. The first one is easily sported and to find the second one you will find it hidden behind the breakable rock.
  4. Find the scarlet quartz and break the strange ice. The first two scarlet quartz are not that hard to find and but the next two can give you trouble. Look in the area where you find the seelies. You will find them. 
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  1. Now you go to wyrmrest valley, to the bottom of that and follow a Pryoseelie. Now you have to activate sculptures that can be active by Pryoseelie. 
  2. When you interact with the Seelie it will move around the sculptures, notice which one is the first and then second and so on. Switch to cryo characters and then activate them. You have to fight two Ruin guards and a big Ruin guard. 
  3. You must gather Scarlet Quartz now and brake the strange ice. The first one is easy to find and the second one is in the opposite direction to the first one. 
  4. Now to find the third one, you must follow Pyro seelies and when it will sit right next to the ruined guard, they will attack you, and defeat them. Go to barrier now and you will have to follow another Pryoseelies and it will guide you to the last scarlet quartz. 
  5. Now the fog that was stopping you to reach the mountain is clear and you can climb up now. You now have to go top of the mountain and you will find shards, three of them. They can be a break with one hit. 
  6. Now you have to collect Scarlet quartz and climb up the mountain, you will find scarlet quartz and you can break the shards and a cutscene will appear. 

Talk to Iris

Go back to Iris and interact with her. You will get 60 primogems, 3 hero’s wit, 3 mystic Enhancement ore, and mora. You can explore the mountain now without any restrictions. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

Q- How to do the in the mountains quest genshin?

Ans. You first have to break the strange ice near the waypoint and you will require Scarlet quartz. You will not be directed to two new places to visit and do the same with them. They will provide you with a different puzzle. You can solve them and free the shards and get your mission done. 

Q- Where are the shards in the mountains genshin?

Ans. Starglow Cavern and Wyrmrest Valley are places where you can find the shards, the last one will be on top of the mountain. 


In the mountain, genshin impact will take you on a journey that will reveal the secrets of the Dragonspine. You have to follow the steps given above to compete for your mission and find out those secrets. I hope this information has come to your use. 

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