Andrew Tate Hospital Rush News- Tech Preview

Andrew Tate Hospital Rush: Andrew Tate was removed from custody for medical reasons, but he denies being “rushed to the hospital.”

Andrew Tate’s spokesperson has addressed the rumours about Andrew Tate hospital rush on March 10. They clarified that the influencer, who is currently under investigation, was actually just going for a regular medical checkup. In this article, we will learn more about what happened to Andrew Tate hospital?

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In February, a representative for the Tate brothers stated that Andrew’s health condition was “something serious that he had before the arrest.” The brothers were first arrested on December 29.

Andrew Tate’s manager posted on social media that he had lung cancer, but Andrew Tate himself denied having lung cancer in a Twitter post.

On Friday, March 10, there were reports in Romanian news that Andrew Tate had been taken from custody and quickly sent Andrew Tate in hospital, confusing his medical condition.

Andrew Tate Hospital in a hurry

Andrew Tate was not taken to the hospital in a hurry, as claimed in the reports. A spokesperson for him clarified the situation to the Romanian press shortly after these reports surfaced.

"I know that there were rumours today that Andrew was rushed to the hospital," the spokesperson for the Tate brothers said. "I deny these rumours. Andrew had regularly scheduled medical checkups, even before he was arrested, appointments that he honours from now on in Romania at a private hospital because of the custodial measure.

The statement here means: “His state of health is very good, and there is no cause for concern.”

When the news about his having lung cancer started to spread, Tate posted on Twitter that "I do not have cancer. My lungs contain exactly 0 damage from smoking. In fact, I have a lung capacity of 8 litres and the vital signs of an Olympic athlete."

Romanian media shared the medical documents of Andrew Tate, but it is still being determined if they are genuine.

Authorities are currently holding Andrew and Tristan Tate as part of a human trafficking and organized crime investigation. So far, no charges have been officially filed against them.

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