Computing is lately taking a giant leap and Amazon has a great solution to it by rolling out cloud-based virtual desktop service called Amazon WorkSpaces.

Businesses don’t need to pay for the full month and connect at any time, but the retail giant has come up with an option to pay and use WorkSpaces on an hourly basis to lure the houses having part-time employees or who works on short-term projects.

Amazon WorkSpaces was launched in 2014. It is a secure desktop computing service and is run on AWS cloud. Business houses or end users are given access to documents, applications and other resources from the service with supported devices that include Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets and of course its own Android tablets.

Earlier, the Amazon WorkSpaces through a traditional pricing structure depending on the requirement, region and whether business houses required some basic applications pre-loaded such as Microsoft Office. Without the add-ons the monthly pricing then was between $21 and $60 in the United States.

The latest hourly plan is called as “AutoStop” by Amazon where as the monthly plan was dubbed as “AlwaysOn” service.

In the “AutoStop” plan the billing starts when the end user logs in and stops automatically when a pre-defined time ends that is from 1 hour to 48 hours.

Meanwhile, it is also learned the new hourly pricing plan also has a small monthly fee.

Share your views whether the hourly pricing system is better than the monthly one for end users.