Family holidays are supposed to be fun, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the usual safety measures, especially when it comes to travelling with your child in the car. Children make up a small but important part of your group travelling.

If you are travelling with a child, you need to ensure your vehicle provides a safe and comfortable environment.Your child’s safety is your responsibility, and the following measures should help you keep your child out of harm during a long car ride:

1) Inspect the vehicle before the travel

Make sure that your vehicle meets the safety standards and is regularly maintained in order to ensure safe travel with a child on-board. This is important because a well-maintained vehicle won’t break down and may be less likely to be involved in an accident.

2) Have the best car seats installed

If you are travelling with a baby, having the best car seat installed is a must. The reason for this is that, if an auto-collision occurs, an improperly secured baby could suffer fatal impacts.

3) Make the child sit in the back seat

Remember that child under 13 years old should always ride in the back seat as this protects them from possible injury when a passenger-side air bag deploys. Sometimes airbags can hurt a small child as they are designed to protect a person with a much bigger body.

4) Always wear the seat belt

Make sure your seat belt is always on and keep it on until the end of the trip. If the car has one lap and one shoulder belt, secure each one of them. Do not tuck the belt under the child’s armpit, as doing so makes the belt less effective in a crash.

5) Do not share the seat belt

If you are travelling with two kids, do not allow them to share the belt even if it sounds fun for them. Two kids should never buckle up the same belt during the car travel.

6) Maintain a hazard-free vehicle

Before placing a child inside the vehicle, all the clutter should be removed from the interior. Such cluttered items could become hazardous if a roadway accident occurs. Clean the upholstery for any lurking germs.

7) Always have a child-care kit

Add a child-care kit to your vehicle. Pack essentials such medications and other items in a first-aid kid during the journey.

Extra tips for child car safety

• Even when the car is moving or parked, ensure your child always keeps arms, legs and head inside the car
• Make sure that the childproof door locks are activated all the time,so that your child don’t get out when the car is moving or standing still
• Keep loose items in a box as these items can fly in a crash and increase the risk of injury
• While getting your child out of the car, open the doors on the curbside, away from traffic
• Always pull over to the side of the road safely if your child needs attention. Make sure you do not disturb other vehicles or the traffic while pulling over

Apart from taking all the necessary measures, sometimes unforeseen events cannot be avoided. The event may be major or minor, but it is essential to take further precautionary measures.

We all have moments where we realize we could’ve saved ourselves a substantial amount of trouble if we had taken a bit more of precaution. Although it is impossible to predict the future, some preparation can make a world of difference.Car insurance is one such precautionary measure.

While travelling with a child on board, it is imperative that you have a vehicle insurance. Having a car insurance online policy becomes must as it protects not only the car but also the driver, and the other passengers including your child.

Driving a car without a car insurance can turn into a high-risk scenario. When accidents do occur, those involved don’t have to deal with the financial impact alone. A comprehensive vehicle insurance plan covers the third-party damage expenses along with covering your vehicle.

The most important thing to remember while buying a car insurance online is to read and understand the jargons associated with it. Most of the people don’t read policy documents thoroughly and ignore the disclosure clauses. Hence the best way to get the car insurance quotesis by running a quick online comparison. This will help you choose the best car insurance online.

The driver holds a huge responsibility once he is behind the wheel and it is up to him to ensure absolute safety of all the passengers. One of the ways to ensure safety is to own a car insurance. Further, you can expand your car insurance policy by adding roadside assistance cover to it.

Imagine, you are travelling in the wee hours of the day along with your kids, when suddenly your car breaks down. Frantically, either you would call your friends or ask passersby for help. Both the situations are enough to press a panic button. To avoid dealing with such a case, it is advised to add roadside assistance cover to your car insurance policy which would come handy during an emergency.

In case your car breaks down, runs out of fuel, or there is any other issue, your one call to the car insurance can take care of all your worries. The insurer’s representative would either fix the issues on the spot or tow the vehicle to the nearest garage if the problem is major. Moreover, the insurer would also help you in communicating your whereabouts to your other family members.


Family time is the best time, and when it is car ride with family, the fun and pleasure reach to a new height. So, follow all the above tips, including purchasing a car insurance policy, and don’t let any event disturb this fun-ride, i.e., car ride!