If believed to Carbon Black Chief Executive Officer Patrick Morley the 2017 will see more cyber attacks, more attacks on endpoints, more attacks on connected devices and more ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is the fastest-growing malware and 2016 saw fifty percent rise compared to last year. It has the nature to hold computer files for ransom.

However, one thing is confirmed more secrets will leak next year, without any doubt.

Yahoo, National Security Agency and Democratic National Committee knows better the burns of such attacks and what leak means to them, but still it is now worth lending an ear to experts fighting the ground war.

Morley said in this context people should expect more attacks that will not use malicious software, but hackers will rely on other means such as the Windows program named Microsoft PowerShell to achieve the target.

He added, “Such attacks spiked by more than 90 percent in the second quarter of this year and have stayed at escalated levels since.”

It is highly suggested to stay vigilant and follow strict security conduct including password of good strength and if possible should opt for two-level password protection. Also, try to avoid using too many connected devices. Remember, security is at one’s own end and a slight liberty may cost too much.

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