The Yard Milkshake Bar- As seen on Shark Tank - Tech Preview

“Shark Tank” is an excellent TV show that shows us many neat ideas, especially about food. People who have cool ideas try to get on the show and tell their ideas to rich people who might want to help them. It is like a chance for a really good deal.

The Yard Milkshake Bar had a bit of a tough time getting a deal on “Shark Tank.” At first, the founders wanted $400,000 for 15% of their business. However, the sharks were not too happy when they found out this deal was only for future stores, not the ones they already had.

Mark Cuban still offered a deal, but it was for more of the future stores, and he wanted a bigger piece of the business. In the end, the Greens agreed to a $400,000 investment for 22% of the future stores. It has been almost three years since they were on the show, and now The Yard is famous for having some of the very best milkshakes in the U.S.

After being on “Shark Tank,” The Yard has grown a lot

Chelsea and Logan Green went on “Shark Tank” to find help in expanding their business. Before the show, they had already made $6.4 million in sales. With Mark Cuban’s support, their dream of having more stores came true and even more!

The Yard’s website says they have gone from a few locations to 24 in just three years since being on “Shark Tank.” These places are spread out in 11 states, from Washington in the north to Florida in the south. Most of the stores are in the Southeast part of the United States. However, they said in August 2022 that they are not looking for more people to open new stores.

Logan shared during his talk that it is pretty simple for new store owners to join in. He said The Yard has a team that helps set up the new stores, and he and Chelsea do almost all the work to get a new store ready. They may not be looking for more people to open stores right now because they are busy with their growing business.

The Yard is growing not only in its stores but in other incredible ways too

We could not find the exact numbers for how much The Yard is making with its new stores, but it is clear that Chelsea and Logan have made a brand that’s more than just a regular milkshake place. They team up with other small local businesses to make awesome milkshakes.

For example, in Jacksonville, Florida, which opened in May 2022, they joined forces with a local bakery to get cookies for some of their milkshakes. The opening of this store also created almost 30 jobs in the local area.

You can be part of The Yard’s fun even if there is no store close to you. On their website, there is a form called “submit a shake”, where you can share your coolest milkshake ideas, and they might actually make them! If you want to enjoy The Yard’s shakes at home, you can also order a milkshake kit from Gold Belly and make one in your own kitchen.

People May Ask

Is Mark Cuban part of The Yard Milkshake Bar?

Yep! On “Shark Tank” in November 2019, The Yard got Mark Cuban to invest $400,000 and own 22% of it. People can make their own custom milkshakes there.

Who started The Yard Milkshake Bar?

Logan and Chelsea Green, a husband and wife, created The Yard Milkshake Bar.

Do milkshake bars make money?

Once you have got the right stuff and a good way of doing things, milkshake bars can make much money. It is a smart choice for fast-food places.

What does Mark Cuban own?

Mark Cuban is a super-rich American guy. He owns the Dallas Mavericks, part of 2929 Entertainment, and he is one of the main people on the TV show Shark Tank. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.