What Outer Space Came In 1992

A film called ‘G*rs from Outer Space’ was released in 1992. It is a Danish science fiction movie, and it is only 26 minutes long. The director is Morten Lindberg, who is from Denmark. The film is kind of a joke about blaxploitation and sci-fi movies.

Per Kristensen and Morten Lindberg wrote it, and Dino Raymond and Lamont Sanford produced it. The movie starts in black & white and then changes to colour, kind of like The Wizard of Oz. According to Morten Lindberg, this was a special effect to show the world getting free from mean women.

This movie is put into the LGBTQ Dutch B film category. It has got the lively style of John Waters. Geeky white guys who liked the concept of blaxploitation are the ones who watched it.

What is ‘G*rs from Outer Space’ about?

‘Grs from Outer Space’ is about a group of space guys from the A* planet. They find out about women on Earth and decide to use rayguns to take them away. This makes the guys on Earth really happy because they were feeling down before. After that, they leave an Ambassador behind to teach Earth people their new way of living before taking off.

Who is in the cast of the space film?

The people in the space film ‘G*rs from Outer Space’ include:

  • Sammy Salomon
  • Coco C.P. Dalbert
  • Gbatokai Dakinah
  • Master Fatman
  • Konrad Fields
  • Anne Busacker
  • Heidrun von Wildenraut
  • Roland Engelhardt
  • Verner Mollerup Christensen
  • Chapper Kim
  • Tony Thomas
  • Lars Bjarke

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