This type of eating disorder typically goes somewhat unnoticed, due to not being quite severe enough to meet the eating disorder criteria. This type of eating disorder does include:

-Extreme weight cutting
-YO-YO dieting
-Binge eating

Just because this type of eating disorder is not as severe as a classified eating disorder it still comes with its health risks and those health risks include the same health risks as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.

There are a number of factors which contribute to this disorder which include:

Weight restrictions and standards; a lot of sports have weight classes which have to be met in order to compete.

Coach and peer pressure; we see this especially in gymnastics, where the coach puts a lot of pressure on the athlete to maintain a low body weight.

Sociocultural factors; we see this in our everyday lives, especially in the media. The media usually sets the standard for what the ideal body type is.

Performance demands; this goes along with weight classes and restrictions, most coaches assume that lower body fat and body weight will produce optimal performance.

Judging criteria; this is a factor that should not contribute to the scoring of an athlete, however judges tend to be biased in their judging and tend to favor more slender and athletic body types.