It is not yet an unsolved topic what caused the huge solar-powered drone of Facebook crash last summer while it was on a test flight. Federal regulators said strong winds are to be blamed as autopilot system of it was confused then during a landing attempt in the Arizona desert.

Such details were not known prior to Friday when the National Transportation Safety Board released a report about the crash.

The so-called Aquila drone of social giant comes equipped with a wingspan of a Boeing 737 and success of it would provide Internet service to people in remote areas.

Facebook first detailed about its Internet-providing drone project in 2014 explaining solar-powered flying drones would be transmitting Internet signals below.

Initially the flight was claimed to have been a success. There was no mention of crash at the time.

A report published in Bloomberg last month revealed the crash and NTSB was investigating it.

The drones weighed more than 300 pounds and the crash caused substantial damage to it. However, there were no reports of either death or injury due to the crash.

According to the report high wind speeds and turbulence caused autopilot system of the drone to lower the nose of it during descent. This resulted speeding up of the aircraft amid attempt to return to the correct landing path. Right wing of the drone broke too due to increased airspeed and it hit the ground.

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