Do you really know what Google Home can do for you. The device is here for more than a year and so a brief about its function or benefits is important to know. Below are those:

– The first thing to know is that it can wake up with two different words. One is “OK, Google” and the second is “Hey, Google.”

– You can listen to music from specific source and choose from Pandora, Google Play Music, YouTube Music or Spotify.

– It is understood by default that you can google anything with the help of Google Home device. It works with Google Search and you can questions to it. Don’t forget that Google Assistant will also remember your previous questions and so it will know to what you are referencing if you ask follow-up questions.

– Google Home device helps in solving a math problem of school so that your child can do homework.

– You can add events to your calendar by saying “OK, Google: add lunch with Stephen at 1 p.m. to my calendar.”

– The device is capable of remembering where you have placed something like the keys or wallet. Just say “OK, Google: remember my wallet is on the dining table.” Next to say is “OK, Google: where is my wallet.”

– Google Home can be used by six users simultaneously. It will recognize who is speaking and will fetch the right information.

– Google Home calls to US and Canada phone numbers without billing you extra.