Peru family travel provides almost limitless opportunities for adventure and fun – all at relatively affordable prices. Visiting Peru with children requires a degree of preparation and planning. Here are some areas to consider before setting off upon a Peru family vacation.

Peru Family Travel Tips – Accommodation

Accommodation in Peru ranges in quality and cost from budget (and basic) backpacking hostels to top-end international standard hotels. Every type of accommodation can be found in larger cities and tourist hotspots, while options may be limited in some smaller, more rustic destinations.

While hostels are usually frequented by shoestring backpackers, they should not be dismissed as an option for family vacations in Peru. Vacant dorms can sometimes be found (or booked in advance) with four or more beds – enough for all the family. Kitchen facilities are often available, and sometimes breakfast is included in the price. Avoiding larger “party” hostels may be a wise idea; these can be noisy, hectic places.

Hotels are generally a more secure, tranquil option, but you will generally end up paying more. Most hotels have rooms with one double bed or two single beds – paying for two rooms may well be necessary.

With a good guide book (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc), finding accommodation for Peru family travel will be much easier. Booking in advance and avoiding the “party” hostels will make traveling in Peru with children a more manageable experience.

Food – Tips for Family Travel when Visiting Peru with Kids

There is a wide range of eating options in Peru, from fancy restaurants to street-side vendors. When you visit Peru with children, health issues need to be considered. Food hygiene standards in Peru can at times be lax and tap water is not safe to drink.

However, that doesn’t mean staying away from the cheaper eateries. Good set lunches (known as menus) can be found everywhere. These are often family run, the food is good and a large two course set meal with drinks included can cost as little as $1.50 per person. Larger restaurants charge four times as much – and there is often little difference in quality.

Chinese restaurants, known as chifas, are another good option for reasonably priced meals. Chifas usually have set menus for groups – ideal for feeding hungry kids during a Peru family travel vacation.

You will need to be careful when ordering food in Peru if any of your family members have a food allergy. Asking what any dish contains may not necessarily result in a correct answer. The same applies for vegetarian requests. Eating in the top-end restaurants is probably a safer bet if you want to be sure of the ingredients being used.

Transport Options for a Peru Family Vacation

Bus travel is the most common form of passenger transport in Peru. There are some great companies serving the major routes – Cruz del Sur, Movil, and Ormeno to name a few. These are comfortable, secure and air-conditioned buses. Some of the cheaper, less reliable companies may not be ideal for traveling in Peru with children.

For families with limited time in Peru, air travel may be the best option. Flights from Lima go to most of the major cities in Peru, hugely reducing travel times. It is a more expensive option, but for long distance travel it is certainly the fastest.

Another option is car rental. If you plan to stay firmly on the tourist trail in Peru, visiting only the main sites and attractions, then renting a car is a fun way to get around. Negotiating congested city centers is not particularly pleasant, but the highways (particularly the coastal routes) make for an enjoyable driving experience.

One of the great benefits of car travel in Peru is the option to stop when and where needed. Long-distance buses don’t often stop to let passengers stretch their legs – a fifteen hour or more bus trip can result in some very restless children.

Safety Issues for Peru Family Travel

Just a quick note here on family travel and Peru safety considerations. Peru, by and large, is not a dangerous country. However, it is always worth looking up the latest information. This, naturally, is an even greater priority when considering a Peru family vacation. A good Peru guidebook will always address safety issues for any given destination. Follow the advice given, and also ask locals for more advice when needed.

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