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Valentine Michael Manson is someone who has a tough connection to a bad history because his dad was a very bad person who did awful things. His dad was the boss of a group that did shocking murders.

However, Valentine Michael Manson decided to be different. He changed his name to Michael Brunner to escape his dad’s bad name. So, how has Michael Brunner lived his life all these years?

Valentine Michael Manson’s story of life

Valentine Michael Manson, who people mostly call Michael Brunner now, is said to be the son of a famous cult leader, Charles Manson, and a lady named Mary Brunner. He was born in Topanga Canyon in California, which is in the United States. His dad was in prison at McNeil Island Penitentiary in California when he was born.

Even though he was born in California, Manson grew up in a town called Eau Claire in Wisconsin. He did not live with his mom and dad but with his mom’s parents, who he thought of as his own mom and dad. They changed his name before he turned nine. As a kid, he was called Sunstone Hawk or Pooh Bear.

Manson’s childhood was different from most kids. His mom was in a special place for women in Los Angeles County when he was just 14 months old. However, his grandparents took care of him, made sure he had a good home, got a good education, and supported him.

They kept him away from the public and made sure people did not know about his connection to the Manson name. They did this to protect him from being poorly treated or teased by others.

Manson’s early schooling was at Arlington Heights Elementary School. When he was a kid, he did not know much about the bad things his real dad did. One day, someone in his class passed him a note that said his dad was involved in some terrible content.

Later, a friend in high school, who was curious about strange groups, told him more about his dad, Charles Manson, and the bad things the Manson Family did.

Manson’s grandparents, who cared for him, did not want to tell him all the scary details about what his dad did. They wanted to protect him from the dark and creepy parts of his dad’s life.

However, even though they tried to keep it secret, Manson could not avoid hearing about his dad’s crimes. People in the news talked a lot about what Charles Manson did, and it was a big topic for many people.

Manson was part of the Manson Family, but he was not as deeply involved in the bad things his family did.

Valentine Michael Manson’s work life

Manson has kept away from being famous and does not want people to notice him just because of his dad, Charles Manson, who was a very bad leader of a group. In interviews, Manson has mentioned that he prefers to stay quiet and live a normal life without any special attention.

Because he likes to stay hidden and not be in the news, nobody knows about the jobs or work he has done in his life.

Valentine Michael Manson’s Net Worth

We do not know how much money Manson has right now because there are no records of how he makes a living. Some websites guess he might have about $100,000, but we cannot be sure.

Valentine Michael Manson’s family

Manson comes from a family with a really bad reputation in American history. His dad, Charles Manson, was a well-known criminal and leader of a strange group in the late 1960s. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on November 12, 1934. Manson made a group called the Manson Family, and they did some very bad things, like hurting and killing people.

His dad, Charles Manson, had a long history of doing bad content. He often went to jail for small problems. After getting out of jail, he had a hard time finding a job in San Francisco, California. He ended up asking for money on the streets. That is when he met Mary Brunner, who worked at a library. He charmed her, and they started a romantic relationship.

Young Manson was born when his family lived in a run-down house in a place called Topanga Canyon. His dad did not like taking the people from his cult, the Manson Family, to the hospital. Before Manson was born, his family had been travelling around the Southwest part of the United States.

However, when Manson was just a few weeks old, the police found his mom and some other naked people from the “family” on a bus that was stuck in a ditch. They got in trouble at first but were let go later.

Because the situation was really bad, the authorities decided to take Manson away from it. They also said that his mom was involved in doing bad things with a young person, which made it even worse. So, they thought it was terrible for Manson to be there.

After the first time they got in trouble with the law, Manson’s grandparents started worrying a lot about what would happen to their family. The older Manson, who had strange and wrong ideas, started thinking he was like Jesus born again.

He was good at convincing people to believe in him, and he used sex or special treatment to get more followers, which made many people believe in him.

Because Manson’s mom was in jail, his grandparents decided to take care of him. They gave him the name Michael Brunner to make him seem different from his dad and have his own identity.

Next, some people from the Manson Family were accused of killing a music teacher named Hinman. They did this because they thought he would join their group and give them his content, but he did not want to.

Even though the details might be a little different, people think Manson planned the whole thing and used jokes to hide the fact that his family did it.

After the police caught Manson, his family started doing more crimes and held rallies to try and get him out of trouble or at least reduce his punishment. But this led to more violence, and they ended up doing the famous murder of actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time. At the same time, Valentine’s mom was already in jail for a serious problem in Hawthorne, California.

During the time when the Manson Family was doing bad things, Valentine Michael was being taken care of by his grandparents, who acted like his mom and dad. They made sure he grew up in a loving and caring home, which gave him a much better childhood.

At the same time, his real parents were separated from him because they were involved in the crimes. Manson’s mom got a life sentence, but she behaved very well, and they let her out of jail in the late 1970s.

As the 1990s were coming closer, Manson was the only child left of Charles Manson, even though he had two siblings who were also born to people in the Manson Family. Sadly, Manson’s older brother, Charles Jr., did something very sad and ended his own life while he was on vacation.

Charles Manson’s second son, who was not well-known, is not talked about much, and there is not much information about him. However, we do know that he passed away when he was older.

As he grew up, he realized that he could not get away from the fact that his dad was Charles Manson, who did bad things. When he became an adult, he decided to speak to the media and tell everyone that his real parents were his grandparents. He said this in interviews and when he appeared in public.

He made it clear that he did not want anything to do with his dad, Charles Manson. He even changed his name and did things to show that he did not want to be connected to his father. He got rid of any letters he got from his dad in prison. However, even with all these efforts to start a new life, he still has a strong bond with his mother.

Charles Manson passed away in 2017 because he had problems with his colon. After he died, three people said they had a copy of his will.

Manson did not care about his real father, so he did not go to any of the events after his death. All three of the people who wanted his body and content had some connection to Charles in some way. In the end, Jason Freeman, who is the son of Charles’ oldest son, Charles Jr., won the lawsuit.

Valentine Michael Manson’s age

Manson was born on April 15, 1968. In the year 2023, he is 55 years old.

Valentine Michael Manson Today

At one point, Manson lived in Germany, and he mostly did his own work throughout his life. Surprisingly, his latest time in the public eye was in 2019 when he gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times.

In that interview, he defended his father, saying that the way the media portrays him as a “mass-murdering dog” is wrong. He disagreed with how the media showed his dad and believed that the public had been given the wrong idea about him. He said his father was not the terrible person they made him seem.

Brunner talked about the story of his dad’s crimes. He said that it might not be true and that it was made up later. He also said that he is not so sure if his dad really did what people say he did, like the “Helter Skelter” idea.

After that, Michael Brunner has not been in public much. He has not done anything big or famous in the last few years. He decided to stay quiet and live a private life away from people’s attention.

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