Lower Stress Level

Stress is common in today’s lifestyle, but it is also necessary to deal with it carefully. It really matters to lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life. It is important to deal with stress carefully. Below are some of the proven tips how you can eliminate stress completely from your life or at least lower down its level:


Sleeplessness is one of the important reasons of stress. Try to follow a strict rule to develop a night-time routine. Switch off your TV set at least about an hour ahead of hitting to bed. Experts also suggest to have a warm bath, read something that is soothing and drink herbal tea like chamomile. Doing yoga daily can also help in reducing stress level to great extent.

Irritability, aggressiveness

It is important to monitor your own behaviour regularly and notice the inner picture of yourself at the time when you are in stressful situation. Try to get rid of those situation that you have created and replace it with happier moments. This will reduce the time period of stress.


Try to find out how to prioritise. Start sorting one by one. It is better if you make a list and start solving the most important one. If you are unable to complete, it is suggested to reschedule to another day, or next week, or another month. Maintain a list of due take to each item. This will help you in creating a workable plan and you will know what to do on the day. If possible, you can also ask for help or delegate someone for a particular work.

In any case if you find yourself not achieving what you desire to, it is suggested to focus on another thing or else change the way you have been accomplishing your goals.

Top Tips How To Lower Stress Level (Part II)