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We all remember the times when traction control, 3-point seat belts, a few airbags, and anti-lock brakes were some of the only few safety features in a car. Today, technology is advancing at a great pace and the same is happening for the car industry. New innovations are being displayed each and every day. Many people that come to buy a car focus on the material things that include the actual mileage of the car and the safety features along with the luxury features.

Talking about safety features, we have to say that a person should completely focus on safety features more than anything else because safety must be the highest priority in any case and recently there have been marvelous advances in safety features. So, today we will be telling you about the most fascinating safety features in the car that you cannot live without so let’s get started.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

This feature is being extended to most of the new cars. It includes a system that uses radar and sensors that are mounted normally inside the grille, to make sure safe distance between the obstacle and the car exists by automatically applying the acceleration when required and pushing the brakes when the traffic starts to slow down. This could be life-changing for new drivers who are untrained and are not sure about the actual gap that is required between the two vehicles.

In a highly congested situation, it could be a lifesaver and protect the car from heavy damage. Apart from applying accelerator and brakes, it will also fasten the seat belts even tighter in order to protect against any possible collusion that you might face.

Automatic emergency braking (AER)

This feature is getting very popular because many people that are buying a new car are looking for this feature. As a name suggests, if the car that has an automatic emergency braking feature determines that a possible solution is probable then it will automatically apply the brakes in order to stop that collision. It is very helpful because if a driver fails to react in time the car will save you from massive damages. Recent tests have shown that this feature is very effective and many drivers have said that it is more attentive than the driver itself which is a great thing.

Lane departure warning

If your car is slowly drifting into a different lane or leaving the current lane, this feature will sound a warning buzzer which will make the driver aware of the car drifting out of a lane.

Blindspot detection

This is actually very advanced because a blind spot is an area of the car that you cannot always pay attention to you as you look forward, but it cannot be denied that there are some occasions where we overlook the cars that are about to overtake us. So, as per this feature, there will be some small orange or yellow lights in the door mirrors which will let you know that some vehicles are approaching and automatically make you aware.

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