Top 10 Most Expensive Fortnite Skin Available!

There is a tonne of incredible outfits in Fortnite; the most played battle royale videogame. You may desire to check out the list we created specifically for you if you are among one those frequent customers who wish to spend a great deal of money on wonderful characters’ skin. The ten most expensive Fortnite skins that have ever been released will just be discussed in this post.

To be explicit, several of these skins haven’t been available in the equipment store for a while, making the majority of them extremely uncommon. Thus, pricing may change if you decide to purchase goods from a used vendor. Without any more ado, let’s slide in!


10. Sparkle Specialist

Among the most costly cosmetics within the sport, an original Fortnite cosmetic landed at number ten on the ranking. Exclusively Tier 56 players may acquire the Sparkle Specialist skin, a prominent skin in Fortnite’s Series one Chapter two Battle Pass. This skin has now been added to the list of Fortnite’s hardest-to-get cosmetics.

The Sparkle Expert, which is a member of the Fortnite Fiesta collection, is one of the initial disco-themed skins in Fortnite based on its characteristics. In addition to the Sparkle Strider glider gear, the kit also includes additional spectacular clothes, including Glitter Supremacy, Funks Ops, and Dancing Diva.

Today, if anyone is interested in purchasing the Sparkle Expert outfit, one might need to inspect their wallet because this in-game item will undoubtedly be expensive.

9. Recon Expert

In case you didn’t see it, on June 15th, a legendary and spectacular Fortnite skin was once more made accessible. Since the Recon Expert skin often returns to the equipment shop once every 100 days, we may anticipate seeing it this December.

Even though there isn’t a lot to this cosmetic, it is unquestionably one of the more uncommon ones in the sport. Even though it’s too pricey, it still charges higher than the typical skin in Fortnite, at roughly 1,210 V-Bucks.

8.0 Skull Trooper

OG When donning the Skull Trooper skin, Fortnite players may flaunt their rank in the game. Senior players may often gain more attention by just turning up dressed in this classic Halloween costume: the shape of a bone frame. Although it isn’t the finest cosmetic in the game, it is unquestionably among the most spectacular and scarce costumes. Skull Trooper also makes an appearance on Halloween as part of Fortnite’s spooky festivities.

7.0 Ghoul Trooper

Since its debut, the Ghoul Trooper skin has graced us annually for the rather exorbitant sum of 1,560 V-bucks. Ghoul Trooper has been making regular trips to the equipment shop since 2018, most likely as a result of the Halloween celebration. This skin, which resembles the Skull Trooper complexion, serves as one of the initial cosmetics in the game. It was included in Chapters. the first chapter of Season one.

6.0 Astro Jack

The last time we saw the Astro Jack suit was in 2021 when the Travis Scott album was released. It has not been available in the equipment shop for a while. This skin has become a unique item in Fortnite as a consequence.

You are not required to participate in crossing activities or marketing releases as you are associated with the other cosmetics on this list. Rather, getting this skin in the style of Travis Scott will only cost you a significant amount of V-bucks. The Covid-19 epidemic was present when the Astro Jack initially appeared in Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 2. Price 2100 bucks

5.0 Spider Rogue Knight/Arachne

The Spider Rebel Knight and Arachne costumes are undeniably among the most costly and elusive cosmetics in Fortnite. Each of these is promotional for the Xbox One S gaming system. These clothes are also a component of the Arachnid Set, a collection that also contains a Hatchling (glider) and Web Buster (harvesting tool).

The Spider Rogue Knight has two colors, black and green, whereas the Arachne has just one. Right now, purchasing this skin will cost you a sizable sum of V-bucks, perhaps around 2100 amount of in-game money.

4.0 Black Knight

The Black Knight cosmetic, one of the first cosmetics in Fortnite, is likely the most expensive Fortnite skin in respect of V-bucks cost. Fortnite Chapters. The first chapter of Season two, was in the midst of its launch in January 2018, at the time. The Fort Knights collection, which included skins including Red Knight, Ultima Knight, Blue Squire, and Royale Nobleman, included the Black Knight Outfit. The Black Knight Outfit was once only available through the Battle Pass, which could be obtained at Tier 71.

Once OG players appear in the game wearing the Black Knight attire, they frequently instantly become well-known. You’ll only witness the pioneers utilize this famous skin since it is so uncommon.

3.0 Royale Bomber

A marketing launch, the Royale Bomber body, is an incredible level skin. As part of the Ps4 Package offer, Royale Bomber was introduced to Fortnite Chapters. The first chapter of Season four in August 2019. This cosmetic is among the most costly in the sport because you can only get it by buying the Fortnite Playstation 4 Bundle, which follows all of that.

The offer has long since ended; thus, as of right now, this cosmetic has already become a part of the past. You might be able to get this outfit from a vendor, but it will cost more due to the skin’s great rarity.

2.0 Honor Guard

The Honor Guard skin first appeared in Chapters. The first chapter of Seven seasons of Fortnite. This skin was made available at that moment as a component of the advertising for the 2019 HONOR View20 tablet. During that same year, Fortnite and Honor, a subsidiary of the Chinese mobile phone company Huawei, formed a collaboration. Because you need to buy the Honor View20 smartphone, this Outfit is among the most costly in the game. The price of the Android smartphone when it is introduced is between $600 and $750.

This plan is quite reminiscent of what Samsung performed in Season five, which gave rise to our top selection on this ranking and maybe the most expensive Fortnite skin.

1.0 Galaxy

Considering you won’t require V-bucks to get the Galaxy Outfit, legally, you will not be spending much money on them. Rather, a Samsung Galaxy Note nine or Galaxy Tab S4 is required to purchase this stunning skin.

In a collaboration between Fortnite and Samsung earlier in Chapters. In the first chapter of Season five, Epic Games introduced the galaxy-embedded skin. You must be playing Fortnite using one of the two aforementioned devices to take part. These gadgets cost between $800 and $1350 (for the Galaxy Note 9) and $750 in 2018. (for the Galaxy Tab S4).

This wonderful bundle, which comes with back bling, a glider, and a reaping tool, was then available only to Samsung customers.