Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter How to Sign Up?

If you are a lover of Pokemon, you might choose to be among the first to learn about new improvements. The business offers a newsletter called the Pokemon Go Trainer Club for that. And here is what you’ll need to do if you’ve been experiencing difficulties figuring out exactly how to register for the newsletter.

Instructions for Subscribing to the Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter!

Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter How to sign up – just follow the steps listed below.

You must-in simple steps

  • Register for the Pokemon Trainer Club.
  • Choose the “I wanted to receive marketing email communications from The Pokemon Corporation Worldwide” box when signing up.
  • Registering into your Pokemon Trainers Club account will allow you to verify your membership.
  • Go to Profiles Editing > To access the Marketing Preference area, scroll to the bottom. Verify that the box is ticked.

You wouldn’t be receiving the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter for a specific timeframe if you don’t join up or subscribe for advertising emails before even the beginning of the month. Nevertheless, if you do not want to miss any upcoming newsletters, visit the Edit Profile area and follow the instructions there.

How soon will I get the newsletter?

The fourth week of the month is when the newsletters are usually sent out.

What should I do if my newsletter isn’t delivered?

There are several variables you can examine if you haven’t gotten the most recent newsletter.

  • Several providers of email services may flag the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter as “marketing posters” or “junk.” Verify the spam and/or trash folders frequently if you are using a Yahoo or Microsoft email service like,,, or If somehow the newsletter appears in this category, be careful to flag it as “not spam” so that you may access it and continue to get it in your normal inbox. To verify the newsletter therein, go to the “Other” tab if you’ve got the “Focused Inbox” setting activated.
  • The newsletter would probably have been sent to the Marketing tab if you are using Google Gmail or an email that uses Google (instead of the default set primary tab).
  • Whenever you get the newsletter, please ensure that you open it. Your email service provider may cease forwarding newsletters to you in the long term if you delete them before reading them.
  • To your email address list, add [email protected]. The e-mail is certified as secure to send to your mailbox when an address is explicitly added to the address book.

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