Tips To Succeed In Social Media Marketing (Part I)

Grant Cardone meanwhile had a different strategy even though he didn’t initially tried building following fast. He posted all of his content frequently and freely too. On each single day he use to post 100 Tweets, 50 Snapchats, 18 Facebook posts and 4 Instagram posts on various topics to particular audiences.

JWW said his Instagram and YouTube blasted with subscribers when he improved the production quality. The video content of other channels were pretty amateur then. However, it may be sounding simple but he had to invest money in image and sound quality. He said viewers always expect higher quality content as YouTube has been evolved into a serious contender for entertainment alongside commercial TV.

Lopez added he mastered the fundamentals after seeing results rather than changing too much. He devoted more marketing budget to the social platforms.

Cardone said he use to deliver content related to investing, sales, money, promotion, marketing, negotiating, branding, follow up, phone sales, motivation, closing the sale, cold calls, startups, real estate investing and network marketing.

JWW said he had no subscribers during the early videos test content. Later he realized the YouTube platform will be more fruitful with content having talking or face on camera. The initial days of his videos were just short clips. Today’s content is totally different.

Lopez said, “Social media is cool because you can study what’s clearly winning.”

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Mithilesh Singh is a digital marketing consultant, blogger, and founder of Stock News Analysis