Tech gifts have been an ever-popular Christmas present option in households up and down the land for decades, with the increase in the rate in which technology is improving each and every year meaning that lists of popular tech gifts for the holidays are going to change dramatically from one year to the next; which is why you’re lucky to be reading this year’s list featuring two brand new entries for this Christmas, and two more that have been hanging on for a while now (and with good reason).

Giving the gift of new tech this Christmas is akin to giving the gift of the future to your lucky friend or family member. Though there’s a good chance not all of the items below will speak to you, there’s a fair chance some of them will (literally in some cases), so take a look and see if there isn’t something there you can imagine giving to a loved one this holiday season.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology has made huge strides in the last twelve months, with a couple of companies in particular battling it out to be number one in the quantified-self space, that is, wearing items of tech around your wrists that can log your daily movements (such as steps taken, miles ran, and hours slept) in order to help you gain a better understanding of your physical and emotional health.

Technology has even found its way to the clothing industry, with many tech pieces now being inserted into clothing to create fun effects to be witnessed by anybody who comes across the wearer. This popular fashion clothing online can be worn both casually, with the tech not activated, and fully on and ready to go, administering flashing lights and all sorts of sights and sounds. Though wearable tech isn’t for everybody, it’s certainly a category that is continuing to grow and gain in popularity among the masses, which is why it’s been included in our list of Christmas tech gifts (and will likely find a place in this list next year too).

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have only really become known in the last few months, and certainly haven’t found their way into the mainstream yet, but there’s absolutely no doubt that they will.

These thermostats, unlike regular, fiddly thermostats can regulate the temperature of your home so to ensure you’re as warm as you need to be, but you’re not wasting unnecessary energy at the same time. They also provide you with a simple user interface, so you know exactly what you’re doing each and every time you look to change something on your thermostat (such as the temperature of a specific room), something which can be very difficult to do on a standard device.


They’ve been popular for years now, and there’s no doubt in our mind that they’re going to stay in mainstream favour for many years to come – something which is becoming more and more confirmed every day as big laptop computer producers are not only reducing the number of laptop they manufacturer in favour of manufacturing tablets, they’re also trying to produce some ‘two in one’ varieties, in which you can detach the screen from a laptop so to use it as an individual tablet.

As the tablet market has grown, so have the cheap imitations. For this reason, be cautious when looking to purchase a tablet for a friend or family member this year, and if you can afford to, try to stick to trusted brand names.

Bluetooth Speakers

It feels like Bluetooth speakers have been around forever, and though they have certainly been with us a while, there hasn’t been a moment when producers of these speakers have stopped innovating, meaning this Christmas, like many Christmases before it, the range of Bluetooth speakers on display are highly technical, and highly impressive, even compared to only twelve months ago.