How to play Subnautica multiplayer with friends- Tech Preview

Subnautica multiplayer is a cool game where you explore an alien underwater world by yourself. But with a special mod, you can play with your friends too.

In Subnautica, you need to survive in a dangerous water world. It’s usually a game for one person, which makes it really intense. But lots of players wanted to know what it would be like to play with friends.

Guess what? Now you can try it! There’s a fan-made mod called Nitrox that lets you turn Subnautica into a game you can play with friends on the same game world.

All about the Subnautica multiplayer mod:

Can you play Subnautica multiplayer with friends

No, Subnautica is only for one person.

But there’s a special extra thing you can add to the game called a mod. If you put this mod in, then you and your friends can play together. Without the mod, you can’t play with friends in Subnautica.

How to add the Subnautica multiplayer mod

Put the Subnautica multiplayer mod on your computer by doing these steps:

  • Get Nitrox: First, download Nitrox.
  • Open It Up: Put the Nitrox files in a place you like on your computer, but don’t use them yet.
  • Start Nitrox: Make Nitrox go by clicking on “NitroxLauncher” and saying “Run as Administrator.”
  • Set the Place: Click on “Options,” then “Change,” and pick the spot where Subnautica is on your computer.
  • Ready to Go: Now, you’re all set! You can make a place where others can join you in the game. This makes it possible to play together and find each other easily.

How to enjoy the Subnautica multiplayer mod:

If you want to play with a friend, it’s a good idea to go to the Nitrox Discord channel. There, people talk about the mod and make it better. But remember, the game doesn’t have its own talking feature.

The mod is still being worked on, so sometimes there might be small problems. Talking to others can help if you run into issues.

Even though the mod is still being improved, it lets you play together without big problems. The game is mostly the same as regular Subnautica, but now there’s another player with you.

The world in the game stays the same, but it’s interesting to see how things change when there’s another player far away. This is new for people who usually play alone.

Both friends can use the tools, things, and the Cyclops ship without problems. It’s good to have a friend to help because Subnautica’s world can be dangerous.

The game was meant for one person, so having two people working together makes some parts simpler.

The mod was made by a person named Sunrunner37 on Nexus Mods. They made sure the mod works with Subnautica from both Steam and Epic Games Store.

Can you add the mod to play with friends on consoles

No, the Subnautica multiplayer mod doesn’t work on consoles, only on computers. Also, remember that the mod only works with the first game, not the sequel called Subnautica: Below Zero.

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