Samsung releases Wall microLED gigantic commercial TV

Samsung released earlier this month its Wall microLED display and it is like a dream cinema room. The screen really commands attention due to its gigantic size of up to 292 inches and 8K resolution. The smallest in the series is 146 inches and 4K resolution.

Do note that the smallest is double the size of largest consumer TVs, which is up to 75 inches.

The naming is appropriate and Samsung need to be thanked for it. It covers the wall and also the smart TV imitate it with digital art.

However, Samsung says it is not a TV even though it functions like a smart TV. In fact it is more than a TV and practically not made for households. It is priced tagged more than Rs 3.5 crore.

The Wall microLED is a commercial product and meant for commercial places. One may see it at corporate offices, art galleries, VIP lounges, hotel lobbies and so on.

MicroLED is a technology developed by Samsung itself and the company uses shrunken, self-illuminating LED building blocks to make a gigantic screen. Discrete backlight is not required in it and even no LCD shutters. It is contrast-rich TV with more brightness.

According to Samsung, the TV has all the good features of the OLED but with improvements to shortcomings. The unit uses a non-organic substrate to avoid burn-in issue that very common with OLEDs.

Moreover, the screen goes edge to edge as it has no bezel. Its thickness is 30mm.