Psychic Type Weaknesses & Strengths Pokemon - Tech Preview

Learn how to use the Psychic type Weaknesses Pokemon to win battles against them.

Having trouble beating Psychic type Weaknesses in Pokemon? Many people find them tricky to fight. They can make your Pokemon hurt themselves by causing confusion, and they can make your Pokemon fall asleep with one move.

And just when you’re close to winning or catching them, they can teleport away, stopping you from doing either.

Psychic-type Pokemon have been around since the first Pokemon games, causing challenges for more than 25 years. They’re strong if you use them, but tough if you’re up against them.

The cool thing is Psychic type weakness that people know about. You can use these Psychic type weaknesses when you fight against other trainers or when you try to catch them.

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet here now, let’s learn how to handle Psychic type Weaknesses in Pokemon and win when we meet them.

Psychic Type Weaknesses Pokemon

When you’re in a battle with Psychic-type Pokemon, it’s smart to know what they’re not good against. Psychic types are not strong against Ghost, Bug, and Dark-type Pokemon. These are extra good because they can’t be hurt by Psychic moves.

Psychic moves also don’t work very well against other Psychic types or mainly Steel Pokemon. So, it’s not really a good idea to use a Psychic Pokemon to fight against another Psychic Pokemon.

Don’t forget that a Psychic-type Pokemon might also have another type, like Grass. In that case, they’ll also be not so good against attacks that match that type.

Let’s say you’re fighting a special Pokemon like Celebi, which is both Grass and Psychic types. In this case, fire moves would work well, and also moves from Bug, Ghost, and Dark types.

Strengths & Protections of Psychic-type Pokemon

It’s not a great idea to use Fighting-type Pokemon against Psychic ones because their moves won’t really hurt them.

Also, be careful with Poison-type Pokemon – they can get hurt a lot by Psychic moves. So, it might be better to keep them in the Pokeball during the battle.

What do you understand by Psychic-type Pokemon

A Psychic-type Pokemon is one that’s good at using moves with psychic themes to hurt others or make them have problems. Instead of using elements like fire or water, psychic moves mess with the minds of other Pokemon.

For instance, a move like ‘confusion’ is psychic. It makes the other Pokemon go kind of sleepy, and they might end up attacking their own friends or themselves.

Psychic-type Pokemon can also be another type, like Grass. Some are even Water and Psychic together. But usually, they’re linked with Ghost, Fairy, or Dark types.

Many super strong Legendary Pokemon are psychic because they come from the super powerful Pokemon God Arceus. Psychic damage isn’t about elements, but Psychic-type Pokemon can also use moves with elements besides their psychic ones.

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