KSI and Logan Paul reveal Prime Hydration Drink- tech preview

Prime Hydration Drink: Logan Paul shares information about a new, unreleased new prime hydration drink and reveals its upcoming release date.

Logan Paul recently shared some exciting news about new prime hydration drink, the energy drink he created with KSI. They are launching a new prime drink flavors this year, and Logan confirmed it himself in response to a question from a TikToker.

New prime flavor drink is a popular energy and prime hydration drink brand promoted by YouTubers Logan and KSI. It has gained massive popularity, especially in the UK.

Now, Logan has given a sneak peek of new prime drink flavors. He revealed the name and a quick detail on how the drink will look and taste.

Logan gives a clue about a new prime hydration drink

During his tour in Europe, Logan shared that there is going to be a new version of the drink called “Glowberry.” He also said it would have the taste of a “sour green apple.”

The influencer also mentioned “October,” which seems to be the release date for the prime drink flavors.

The drink is doing really well, and it’s being sold in the US, UK, and Europe. Famous YouTubers are not only promoting it, but their involvement in influencer boxing and collaborations with big sports teams like a rumoured deal with Barcelona FC and Arsenal are also helping its success.

KSI and Logan were targeted with Prime bottles thrown at them

In a surprising turn of events, while KSI and Logan were promoting Prime during their tour, fans unexpectedly started throwing Prime bottles at them.

Their tour was going well overall, but things changed when this incident happened. KSI posted a video showing fans throwing bottles at them when they were on stage.

The audience started throwing new prime hydration drink bottles every time KSI or Jake mentioned “Drink Prime.” But it was all planned by the YouTubers as a marketing stunt.

This happened in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the group was just as chaotic and excited as the incident itself.