Many parents are at a loss when it comes time to choose the best kid’s Halloween costume every year. Children can also become confused with the enormous variety of disguises available when dressing up for Halloween. Using a combination of age, gender, and personality traits can help parents choose an appropriate Halloween outfit, or to guide a child in choosing a costume.

Choosing an Age-appropriate Halloween Outfit

When picking out a Halloween outfit for a child, the age of the child is an important consideration. Infants and toddlers should wear costumes that are safe for their age group. Small objects, such as sequins or beads, present choking hazards, and should not be part of a very young child’s costume. Long strings pose a risk of accidental strangulation, and should also be avoided. In addition, the costume of an infant should not cover their face, or be too tight around the neck.

Older children should either have a reflective aspect to their costume, or carry a bag or bucket with reflective properties. A reflective strip as part of a Halloween costume can reduce the chance of car accidents. In addition, any mask or hood that is part of the costume should not cover the eyes excessively, as this limits the child’s ability to see clearly, and stay safe while Trick-or-treating.

Choosing Halloween Costumes for Girls

Dressing a baby girl as a cute and cuddly animal can help to keep her warm, if it is cold in the region. Bunnies, kittens, and other fluffy characters are warm and safe ways to dress an infant for Halloween. Toddlers often enjoy dressing up as their favorite television character, such as Dora the Explorer, or Barbie. Older girls may also want to dress as television characters, such as Hannah Montana, or another Disney celebrity. For more ideas, read Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Little Girls.

Choosing a Boy’s Halloween Outfit

Infant boys can be dressed in warm animal costumes as well, such as a teddy bear or a lion, to stay warm on Halloween. Toddler boys also like to dress like animated heroes, such as Bob the Builder. Many little boys also want to dress like their father for Halloween. Older boys may enjoy dressing up as a firefighter, a police officer, or a rock star.

Best Kid’s Halloween Costumes

When choosing a child’s Halloween costume, or helping the child choose, it is important to consider safety before cuteness, particularly when Dressing an Infant for Halloween. Age-appropriate and safe clothing that is suited to a child’s interests can ensure that all Halloween memories are happy.

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