Parents with babies face dilemmas when it comes to choosing infant Halloween costumes and deciding whether a little one should be included in Halloween festivities at all. An infant must be dressed in an appropriately warm outfit, and scary Halloween decorations and costumes may unduly frighten a young child.

Furthermore, an infant old enough to walk door-to-door may get upset if he or she isn’t allowed to eat the candy collected from neighbors.

Infant Halloween Costume Ideas & Safety Tips

In this article, get cute Halloween costume ideas for babies (including newborn bunting costumes) and find tips for keeping little ones safe on a night of trick-or-treating.

Adorable Bunting Costumes for Newborn Baby Girls and Boys

Bunting costumes are outfits that cover an infant from head to toe, much like an enclosed gown. Bunting outfits keep little ones warm, perfect for dressing up babies on a cold night.

Here are some bunting-style Halloween costumes for newborns that would be equally appropriate for little girls or boys:

Baby Rabbit
Blue Bird
Clown Fish

All of the newborn Halloween costumes above can be found on The Essential Infant Resource for Moms website.

Halloween Outfits for Older Babies – Cruisers and Walkers

The Spirit Halloween website offers a nice selection of adorable infant Halloween costumes. Parents can find cow, devil, lion, leopard, monkey, and puppy dog Halloween costumes for babies on this website. The site also offers funny baby costumes, animal & insect baby outfits, plus cartoon, television, and movie character attire.

Cute Trick-or-Treating Outfit Ideas Just for Baby Girls

The article Adorable Baby Girl Halloween Costumes contains over 25 infant trick-or-treating outfit ideas. In addition to outfit ideas for babies and toddler girls, find links to sources of free pumpkin carving stencils.

Where to Buy Cute Costumes for Babies

Learn where over 700 cute costumes for babies can be purchased online in the article Where to Buy Baby Girl Halloween Costumes Online. In the article, Pirate Halloween Costumes – Babies, Kids, Adults, find out where to get a pirate outfit that would be extremely cute on a little boy.

Is Trick-or-Treating Too Scary for Babies & Toddlers? Safety Tips & Considerations

Many parents believe babies are too young to go trick-or-treating. This judgment call is obviously up to the parent(s); however, here are some tips for keeping a little one safe and secure while trick-or-treating:

Make sure to steer clear of houses that seem too scary for a baby. Don’t take an infant or toddler up to the front door of a house loaded with cobwebs and playing spooky music. Opt for less threatening front porches, perhaps ones with simple decorations. Those homeowners are less likely to scare a young child.

Carefully inspect all candy before allowing a young child to eat any. Keep in mind that hard candies pose choking hazards, and babies may not be old enough to chew any treats. A parent of a strong-willed child who will most likely insist on being allowed to eat off-limits candy may want to reconsider a decision to go trick-or-treating.
Finish all trick-or-treating before dark. Even a non-threatening house may seem scary to a young child after dusk.

Celebrating Halloween with Babies

This Halloween, consider choosing an appopriately warm bunting outfit for a newborn baby. Use the tips and infant Halloween costume ideas in this article to make this holiday fun and safe for everyone involved.

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