The first and foremost question asked by any office or organization is how it handles forms. The job is in fact very frustrating as lots of paper forms are received and those need to be transferred into an Excel sheet for data analysis.

Smart answer to solve the problem is PDFelement 6. It is a software that creates fillable PDF forms to help facilitate data collection instantly.

PDFelement 6 is also a good choice as offices and organizations can save thousands of dollars with it following elimination of paper forms, which are of course outdated in today’s technology world.

More to this, the software makes easy to extract valuable information of client into a single business-ready data Excel sheet.

How PDFelement 6 works

First you need to turn old office documents into fillable PDF forms for clients. It is the workd of just one click.

Next, add text fields, buttons, check boxes and other required elements for making changes as per client.

Fill the forms along with taking signature electronically.

Finally send the forms electronically to clients.

With the new PDFelement 6 software you don’t have to spend hours every day transferring data manually from paper forms to Excel sheet.

With the new software about 90 percent of the time is spent in extracting data into Excel sheet. It is not time consuming, not labor-intensive and not costly too. It is one-click job and data can be extracted from any kind of document, and even from photographs.

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Mithilesh Singh is a digital marketing consultant, blogger, and founder of Stock News Analysis