Noblesse Oblige Domain, Locations and Complete Guide!

Artifacts in Genshin Impact are essential to elevating your character’s power and building an unbeatable build. Get the most out of your game with these awesome items. Elemental Burst characters are sure to shine at your party when you equip the Noblesse Oblige Domain artifact. With this unique gear, they can really show off their powerful skills.

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What is Noblesse Oblige?

Get ready to take your Genshin Impact adventure even further with the Noblesse Oblige Domain artifact set. This collection of five powerful pieces is waiting for you in the fantastical Clear Pool & Mountain Cavern, where each piece can be farmed from Stone Chamber I-III. Let’s get exploring.

Genshin Impact players can look forward to obtaining the prized Noblesse Oblige Domain artifact set, which includes a variety of unique and rare items. With these artifacts, adventurers have access to exclusive bonuses for their characters in-game.

  • Flora
  • Masque
  • Pocket Watch
  • Plume
  • Silver Urn

The Domain

Taking down three mages of level 80? It’s no small feat! But if you’ve been playing Genshin Impact for a while, then you know just how true that is. Get ready to face the challenge and triumph in this farming set because it won’t be easy. If you’ve been playing for a little while, then you know that taking down these spellcasters is no easy feat.

Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern are connected by the same source of Geo energy, boosting your damage output to a staggering 75%. Unleash powerful elemental attacks against your enemies, no matter which level you find yourself in.

  • 1st Stone Chamber (AR 35: Level 69)
  • 2nd Stone Chamber (AR 40: Level 80)
  • 3rd Stone Chamber (AR 45: Level 90)

Put your strategy skills to the test! In each level, you’ll face a challenge – take out three enemies in no time flat. It won’t be easy, though; these adversaries are powerful Abyss Mages with ice, fire and water powers. Mixing it up even more, their combination of Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro strengths will differ based on the different levels.

  • For Solo Play
    • Stay near the wall!
    • Be safe from Hydra Mage Aggro, or dash it to your right side.
    • Let the other two mages come near you.
    • Kill the Cryo and Pyro Mage; pay your attention to one. Then kill one after another.
    • After the 2 mages, if you feel hurt then heal up.
    • This way, Hydro Mage is quite easy to defeat.
  • Anemo Character
    • Start from the top left corner.
    • Stand along the wall on the 3rd square.
    • All mages stack and teleport together.
    • At the same time, you can break all the shiels and swirl all the given three elements.
  • No Anemo character
    • Start the battle and rush to the spawn point of Pyro mage.
    • To kill his shield, you can use Barbara.
    • The hydro mage will allow you to kill the Cryo mage peacefully.
    • In the end, assassinate the Hydro Mage.

You won’t be in any danger of being quick as far as you don’t stand in ice mist

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

What domain has noblesse obliged?

You can farm Noblesse Oblige Domain Artifact from the Mountain Cavern and Clear Pool domain located in Liyue.

Which domain gives noblesse oblige?

Mountain Cavern and Clear Pool domain located in Liyue.


Noblesse Oblige, the ultimate artifact collection in Genshin Impact Pact, is here! Embark on a quest to pick and choose from awesome primordial items that only those most worthy can wield. Let’s embark together on this rare opportunity – it won’t be around for long. Elemental Burst characters are sure to shine at your party when you equip the Noblesse Oblige Domain artifact. With this unique gear, they can really show off their powerful skills.

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