Explained- How To Take A Snapshot Of Landorus?

The season which incurs legendary Trainers alongside Pokemon is yet to be released. The event currently available in the game is named searching for legends. The event has many spawns and even some distinct investigations that users need to finish to get things done. These include clicking pictures of the legendary Pokemon Landorus. Let’s discuss how to take a snapshot of Landorus in the pokemon go game.

What is searching for Legends?

The current hottest event in the game is named searching for legends. The list of wild pokemon includes Aron Baltoy and many more. Moreover, the pokemon visible in Eggs and Raids are not the same due to these events.

There are numerous search tasks with rewards that are astonishing enough. It is one of the possible ways with which you can click pictures of Landorus and other powers of the wild pokemon, including some of the time-based tasks.

Step 1. Capture the Pokémon

There are three mandatory pokemon that must be to accomplish this task. One of the pokemon currently available for standard players is Tornadus, and it is extremely easy to get this pokemon. It is one of the great opportunities to get this pokemon.

Capturing Landorus is difficult, as not many players have raided this pokemon for a while. If you have yet to capture this pokemon, one of the potential ways is to trade it with other players.

Step 2. Take a snapshot of Landorus

It is one of the most challenging tasks in this entire event. To take a picture of this pokemon, players must look at the menu section and select it to click its picture.

After clicking on the pokemon, you merely need to click on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen of your game.

After performing this simple task, you will be redirected to the camera screen by the UI, where you need to point the camera towards a plain surface for the tiny petals floating around.

Now click on the camera button to finish this task.

You will have to do the same process for the next two legendary pokemon.

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People May Also Ask…!

How to take a snapshot of landorus without having it?

The only prominent option is to negotiate with another coach.

Can I snapshot a Pokémon I don’t have?

It is only possible to take a snapshot of landorus pokemon with it, so you will have to negotiate with another coach.

Will Landorus be back in Pokémon GO 2022?

Yes, it will be back in the game.


Capturing a snapshot of landorus is difficult as the pokemon has not been raided in a while. Still, the portion mentioned above explains how to take a snapshot of landorus easily.

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