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Madison Bailey gained fame worldwide for her outstanding role in Outer Banks on Netflix. Here’s what you should know about this talented actress.

How old is Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey was born in 1999, specifically on January 29. She’s currently 24 years old.

What’s Madison Bailey’s height

Madison Bailey stands at 5 feet 8 inches, which is approximately 1.73 meters.

How many siblings does Madison Bailey have

Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey has three brothers and three sisters. She was adopted, and tragically, her adoptive mother passed away in 2018. In memory of their mother, Madison and her sisters got matching tattoos.

Madison Bailey’s experience with borderline personality disorder

Madison Bailey revealed that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) when she was just 12 years old. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she shared, “I’m still learning about it day by day. I prefer dealing with things internally and self-educating. Getting the diagnosis gave me a way to understand it better, rather than just feeling ‘crazy’.”

Where is Madison Bailey from? Is she American

Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey is American and has Mauritian and Italian heritage. She was born in North Carolina, spent her early years there with her adoptive parents, and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Who portrays Kiara in Outer Banks on Netflix

Madison Bailey is the talented actress who brings the character Kiara “Kie” to life in Outer Banks on Netflix. Kie is a former best friend of Sarah and has developed a close bond with the Pogues.

Madison Bailey’s work in movies and TV

Aside from Outer Banks, Madison Bailey has played significant roles in American Horror Stories and Black Lightning. She has also appeared in Creepshow and Council of Dads. In the 2021 high school film Supercool, Madison portrayed the character Emily.

Who portrayed Wendy in Black Lightning

Before her role in Outer Banks, Madison Bailey had a recurring part in the TV series Black Lightning on The CW. She played Wendy Hernandez, a meta-human with the power of aerokinesis, in the show’s second season.

Madison Bailey’s role as Kelley in American Horror Stories: Drive In episode

In the spin-off of American Horror Story, called American Horror Stories, Madison Bailey takes on the character Kelley. She appears in the episode titled ‘Drive In,’ which centers around the consequences of screening a forbidden film.

Madison Bailey’s close friendships

Madison Bailey formed strong friendships with her co-stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline while working on Outer Banks. They often share moments together on their Instagram profiles. She is also close with the rest of the cast, including Rudy Pankow and Jonathan Daviss.

Madison Bailey’s sister Katie as her stunt double

Although Madison Bailey performs many of her stunts, she does have a stunt double, who happens to be her real-life sister Katie, a gymnast. Madison even helped Katie get the job. Madison mentioned in an interview that it was a fantastic experience to work together.

Madison Bailey’s relationship status

Madison Bailey is in a serious relationship with Mariah Linney, a former basketball player. They met through TikTok in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since. Madison shared with Entertainment Tonight that she cares deeply for Mariah and didn’t hesitate to share their relationship on social media.

Madison Bailey’s openness about her sexuality

Madison Bailey has openly discussed her pansexuality with her followers on TikTok and during an Instagram Live Q&A with Lacy Hartselle. She expressed that she feels fully supported by her friends, family, and the entertainment industry in embracing her identity.

Madison Bailey’s social media presence

Madison Bailey has an Instagram account under the username @madisonbaileybabe, where she has amassed 6.9 million followers as of February 2023. She does not have public Twitter or Snapchat accounts.

Does Madison Bailey use TikTok

Yes, Madison Bailey has a TikTok account, and her username is @madsbaileybabe. If you visit her profile, you can see cute moments with her girlfriend, get advice for taking care of yourself, and enjoy funny videos.

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