A recent announcement from Bjs ps5 sale, which is starting from 11/20 midnight (EST properly). If you haven’t secured a PS5, you have the perfect opportunity to secure one. With the success of PS5, which is an easy winner in this year’s console war, everyone wants to get their hands on PlayStation5, try it out themselves and enjoy their time.

Before the sale of BJs PS5, you have to keep a few things in your mind. These are very important steps that you have to be careful about. First, before checking out the sale on BJs PS5, it is a members-only sale. To participate in this sale at 12 AM EST, 11/20 Friday, you have to get a membership which you can get for $10. It is online-only membership. It is better to prepare yourself and then go all out and buy yourself PlayStation 5. Though the qualities are unknown but it will be 1 per personal deal. One person cannot buy more than one PlayStation5 from Bjs ps5.

The sale will kick in around midnight, 11/20; though the time zone is yet relived, we are sure that it will be according to the Eastern time zone.

Why do no stores have PS5?

Demand for the PS5 is more than supply. It leaves a number of people unable to purchase a next-gen console. Therefore, Sony has suggested that the company is really giving its best to make more units, having secured some component inventory from some of its manufacturing partners.

With the shortage of PS5, stores as well as people, are trying to get every chance they get to buy PS5. BJs PS5 sale units should have the stock by Black Friday. Store in Pennsylvania also mentioned that they wouldn’t have PS5 till next year.

BJ’S tweeter handle did confirm that they cannot confirm pickup in all BJ’s locations because of high demand and the limited amount of stock they possess.


It should take 3-5 business days for PlayStation 5 to reach your home. If PlayStation5 drop, it will only be available online.

The main issue that Bj is having right now is most of the store managers are clueless about the stocks of PlayStation5. According to sources, no Bj store has proof that they possess the stock that Bj claims to have.

Even the online sale requires you have a membership which requires $10. It is also a gamble because the chances of getting PS5 are 50/50. The membership is also just a 1-Day pass.


It is up to you; if you want to take chances, you can try your luck in the BJs PS5 sale. It will require you to buy a $10 membership from the Bjs store and then wait till midnight.  11/20 at midnight is the time for the sale. You can try out your luck if you are lucky. You get your PlayStation5 in 3-5 business days. I hope you find this information to your use